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Unhappy Unknown illness


I have one guppy right now today i noticed that some of his scales look to be slightly angled funny. You can only really see it if you are behind him not looking at him from the side. From the side it looks as though he has a small white band only on one side. I'm worried that it could be the start of something bad.

After I saw this I did a 50% water change and bumped up the amount of salt in the tank. I've also checked the water before and after the water change and everything was well within what they normally should be.

This is the best picture I have been able to get so far but will try to get a better one.
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I can't really make it out from the picture.
Do the scales look raised, like dropsy? Sometimes it is easyer to tell by looking strait down at the fish through the water.
For dropsy, not saying it is, Maracyn-Two may help.
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Okay now it looks like one of his eyes is bulging out... any ideas?
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Is his scales sticking outward? If it is it is probably Dropsy and it is difficult to cure because it can be caused by intestinal parasites or harmful bacteria.

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I agree with FishFreak. Once fish get to this point, they can be hard to cure, then main reason being these syptoms can be caused by different things.
If it where me, I would start out using both Maracyn and Maracyn-two and see if there is any improvement. If the fish starts looking better durring the first treatment, I would still do the second treatment. I have had 5 fish come down with like syptoms over the years, and was only able to save two and that was with the above meds.
I wish you luck.
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We've also noticed all of his fins are darker than they were a day or so a go.
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