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Unable to determine what type of fungus this is (pics attached)

Hey, guys. New to the forum. Unfortunately, I'm posting here because I'm not sure what I'm dealing with. My Red Dwarf Gourami has a web-like fungus growing on it and I'm currently treating with Maracyn 1 and 2, he's more active but it doesn't seem to be going away. Today will be day 3 of 5 of treatment.

Some background on my tank, it's a 30gal, all parameters are perfect, I've done frequent water changes. He had tank mates, a few Zebra Danios, that had passed on due to this fungus. The Maracyn wasn't working for them, I guess.

I've attached a few pictures. I was only able to get one side of him, but the other looks just like it. Hopefully I can get rid of this thing ...

Thanks in advance!
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Welcome to the forum!
No idea exactly what that is, but some additional details would be helpful. Have you checked the water parameters? What size tank, how long have you had it set up, other fish in tanks, etc. The more details provided, the more useful the suggestions folks can offer. I can, from personal experience, almost bet that your combo treatment has wiped out your "good" bacteria and that can impact your water quality.

Here is what I have done/do when I am dealing with a fungus. I had a couple of new bristlenose plecos last week develop a nasty fungus due, I believe, to shipping stress.
  1. Always use a quarantine tank if at all possible! I realize it's not always possible due to space and $$, but if you can, it's a real benefit since you can medicate smaller quantities of water and isolate problems.
  2. Keep the water clean. I have a 10g quarantine tank and when I get new fish, I do a 40-50% water change every day for a couple of weeks. That alone takes care of minor fungal (non-bacterial) fin-rot issues due to shipping stress. It can make medicating a pain however.
  3. A surface body fungus typically won't spread to other fish if tank conditions are good. It's present in the environment and fungal infections often erupt due to stressed fish and/or poor water quality.
  4. I treated for body fungus (did NOT look like yours) using methylene blue dip (I can give specs if anyone wants it). 10 second dip, saved one pleco, lost one, so I don't know that I'd recommend the dip except as a last resort. Both of my fish were pretty fungus-covered before I was able to dip them.
Main thing I'd suggest is get/keep the water quality as pristine as possible! Hopefully soneone else will offer additional suggestions. Good luck!
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