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Turned water temp up and added salt to help cure Ich...Corys are now lethargic! Help

Today when I woke up, all my fish has several white spots on them. I identified this as ich. I have 7 Rummys, 9 Neons, and 2 Pepper Corys. The water temp is currently at 83 degrees F. I also added 29 teaspoons of aquarium salt (1 tsp per gallon). The Rummys still have their bright red face, and no color loss in the Neons either. They all seem to be swimming around just fine. The only ones who seem to be affected by the change is the Corys who are both snuggled up together in the corner of the tank with their faces pointed out. It saddens me just looking at them. What do I do? Someone please help me! The lights have also been turned off because I heard this helps with the healing by providing less stress.

I don't know what to do and I don't want them to die! :(

I will add just as much salt tomorrow afternoon to bring the overall salt level to .2%. I will then start to do daily water changes while adding salt back in to keep the level at .2%. I read that this will help with the healing and killing of the Ich.

Once again, please help me with detailed information on anything I should be doing differently. I have never had problems with these fish and it saddens me now to see this infection come upon all of them :(

[7] Rummy Nose Tetra
[5] Pepper Cory

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Peppered cories, most cories in general, don't do well in warmer water.
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I'd not use the salt... salt can kill cories, while ich is very rarely fatal. I would do some research on real medications. The temperature rise is fine for cories as long as you only raise it by a degree or two per day.

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Cories are scale-less fish. AQ salt will kill them. The best thing you can do for them right now is do a huge water change to get that salt out of the water, or you'll lose them all. :S I learned that the hard way when I went to acclimate some cories into a tank that had AQ salt in it...

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I have been doing daily water changes since posting this. Every water change I add a little bit more salt in there. They honestly seem to be doing fine now. Acting normal and the ich is almost gone. I will continue doing this for probably 3-5 days after all ich signs are gone
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