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I bought 6 furcata rainbows yesterday from a fish store. I've been wanting these fish for a while but the store was downtown and I live in the suburbs. They were on sale and had in stock so I finally managed to get a lift to and from the store. Was really happy.

That was until I put them in my tank and realized 2 had extreme scoliosis (I didn't notice in the store since I was excited and never encountered such a problem. I figure a good store would notice this sort of thing and they QT their fish upon arrival).

And I have them in a separate aquababies "tank" right now, it's probably a half a gallon size. A healthy male died this morning probably from stress and I'm super upset cuz I can't go back to the store and exchange it since it's very much out of the way so there goes 3$ instantly :( had to rant)

I want to know if this is TB or vitamin deficiency, I now only have 1M & 2F (healthy) in my 20 gallon tank.

Help please!!!
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I also have to mention that their spine is all bent but their bodies don't seem o be bent that much.

And that it's only bent up and down their body and not side to side. No lesions or ulcers noticeable.
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Genetic defect or vitamin deficiency. Not a case of TB to me. I'd ask a refund for these poor stocks.

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I agree - the fry could have been defected at birth, although the LFS should check this before selling them on. I used to have my zebra danios breed on a regular basis, and I grew a number of the fish to adulthood. A few of them had defects fairly similar to what you've pictured - bent spines etc.

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Sounds like everyone else is right. I see this a lot, although mostly with heavily inbred livebearers like guppies. It's not uncommon, and almost definitely a genetic defect.
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ya thanks so much for the replies, I'm not scared now phiou. I'll put them back, unfortunetly one male and one female (without bent spines) are dead :( no idea why, perhaps poor stock or stress... so now if Iput the 2 females with bent spines back the last female won't die from exhaustion.

And their spines WERE bent side to side actually, I really hope it's not TB and kills all my precious fish (like my GBR!)

Hopefully I'll have time to go to the store even though it's far and I have to study for a Summer School class final... I feel so ripped off.

They didn't give me a receipt! I only have the mastercard receipt so hopefully they'll accept it..
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