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treating one fish or ….

should I treat the whole tank for one fish with a fungal patch or just the one fish?

Thanks for y'alls good advice!
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Are you sure of what the fish has? If it were me, I'd put the sick fish in a hospital tank and treat it accordingly. Then do a nice big water change on the community tank and keep a real close eye out for any of those fish showing the same type of symptoms.

If they do, you might have to treat the whole tank. It would be important to research whatever med you're going to use and make sure you don't have fish that would be sensitive to it. Sometimes the treatments are worse than the disease.

Anyhow, keep that water really clean in both tanks. Good luck.

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Thank you Romad, I'm reading and researching and I'm doing daily water changes right now, 50%.
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Is this the same tank you mention in this thread?

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Yes, I have a three line cory with a gray patch on it's head. I've been researching and No, I'm not sure 100% it's fungal, but I'm pretty sure. I don't have a means of photographing the little guy. I'm planning on doing water changes twice a week now and I'll work on taking some fish back to my lfs. It's just funny how everything has worked out fine until now. :<, it was only after I read that there should be 1 inch of fish per 4 gal of water. Then I realized I'm grossly over stocked.

I'd like to keep the up side downs, I'll get a third, I'd like to keep the Brown Knife. I'd love to rid my tank of the algae eaters plus I know I need to loose more then three, but so I'm thinking of keeping the knife fish, the three upside downs, the corys and the rasabroos. Is that a plan? OMG, think I'd like to keep the glass cats too…..and that's all…..really! That is, if that sounds like a plan.
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