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Stressed Fish?

I was just wondering how you can tell if your fish are stressed. Our fish seem to be a bit more 'zippier' than usual and I was just wondering if they were stressed or it's me being paranoid. We've had one of our guppies die recently so I did a 30% water change.

These are the tanks stats:

30L biOrb
1 plec, 3 guppies, 1 swordtail and 7 lampie tetra
Tetra Prima Granular food which we crush before giving to the fish twice a day
Light stays on for 7 hours a day
Plastic plants
Fake log
Been running for nearly 2 months
pH - 7.3
Ammonia - 0
Nitrate - 8
Nitrite - 0.1

These are the lowest Nitrite and Nitrate results we've ever had.

Also what's the best amount of water changes to do in a month? Is it one a week or one every fortnight?
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Re: Stressed Fish?

Originally Posted by fluffin
Also what's the best amount of water changes to do in a month? Is it one a week or one every fortnight?
I do water changes of about 20 percent every other weekend.
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once a week is best for changing water but if the tank is lightly stocked once every 2 weeks is fine. But your tank is overstocked so you will need to do a water change 2-3 times per week
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You will need to keep the nitrites down.:) Plecs won't really fit in a 30 liters at all considering they are big waste producers and can contribute a lot to inflating ammonia and nitrite levels.

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