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snot like strings....

Hi, i just bought a 20 gallon fish tank 2 days ago. There is now what looks like snot all over the fish tank. anybody have any idea what this is or have seen this before? The water was tested and was perfect and also the water has been changed and everything washed but it comes back.
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Does the snot look like it moves ? more detail please. :D
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it only moves in the slight current but not by itself... its not on the fish but all over the fake plants and rocks... ive been trying to research online but have found no aswers. I took a sample to petsmart and they tested the water and it was good but they had no idea what it was. Please help!
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have you tried, I would'nt normally go down this line, but a anti fungal med ? is it like a clear slime ?
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Re: snot like strings....

Originally Posted by meefer
The water was tested and was perfect and also the water has been changed and everything washed but it comes back.
Welcome to, Meefer.

May I know what those results exactly are? You bought the tank only 2 days ago and in this case, your tank is going to be in its cycling phase. Expect a rise in ammonia level followed by nitrites and finally nitrates. This will take days and even weeks before it is finished. Cycling information is available in Starting and Maintaining FW Aquaria section's sticky threads. I would suggest that you buy your very own test kit. Stick with API liquid test kit and avoid the test strips which often give misleading results. Test your pH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates regularly while on cycling phase. You want zero ammonia and nitrites in the end along with nitrates not exceeding 40 ppm.

What fish did you have in your tank right now? At this moment, you cannot add any fish yet with the possible exception of platies and danios which are tolerant enough of the ammonia and nitrites though they will not live long-term compared to those introduced later on (right after cycling phase is over). Ammonia and nitrites are quite toxic and can harm and even kill the fish.

Any pictures of those 'snotty' things? I was under the impression I am familiar with those and those could be slime as Daz had mentioned.

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