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pH: 6.8-7.0, its hard to tell, color discrepancies are so slight.
ammonia: 0 ppm
nitrate: 0 ppm
nitrite: 0 ppm

waters still pretty cloudy, but maybe clearing up a little bit. water is also getting low (because i don't have a hood) so the filter is making lots of bubbles/sounds like running water (versus when the water is higher and its more silent. but that's not a concern.)
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You can still add more water to the tank, just make sure you dechlorinate the water first. The fact that there's no nitrate reading AND no ammonia reading confuses me. When a tank cycles the ammonia and nitrites will spike, and when the tank is done cycling there should be some nitrates in it (that's the end of the process where the dangerous stuff is broken down). A cycled tank will probably have a nitrate reading of between 10 and 40ppm. Are you sure you're testing right? Some of them have specific instructions (I think it's the nitrite one, where you have to add, shake, wait, add etc.). Also, some of them have to sit for about 5 minutes before a reading comes up.
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Yeah, I made sure to follow the directions exactly. And they all sat for probably just under 5 minutes, I was trying to do my best remembering what time I did them. The fact that there's no nitrate reading AND no ammonia reading confuses me.

What should I do?Add more water?
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Umm, yeah, that is really strange. I haven't experienced this myself, so I really don't have an explanation for it, maybe someone else does?

Since there isn't any ammonia or nitrites in the tank, I guess the best thing to do would to continue to monitor the water parameters daily. As long as he's still active and eating I wouldn't worry, it should work out in time, and you'll know if anything spikes because you'll be testing it every day.

Yes, definitely go ahead and add more water. It's fine to keep the water level up, just make sure you use dechlorinated water that's the same temp as the tank (I know you know this).

It's possible that you have so much new carbon in your two filters that it's been getting rid of everything in the water? I really don't know if that's possible, but I do know you have some pretty heavy duty filtration going. Perhaps when the carbon ages in a week or so, the tank will begin to cycle? Just remember: never change both filter cartridges at the same time.
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No the carbon has nothing to do with it and can't. The water is still cloudy because of the water change. The nitrates aren't there because she moved gravel from the previous tank which had all the necessary bacteria and it did not have to form in the process of the true cycle.
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