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Its a 38 gallon tank. Adult size Jack Dempsey maybe 6", its the only fish in there. My parameters are completely fine. Ammonia nitrites are 0 and nitrates is 30 ppm.

But as far as the parasites go do you know of any other medicine I can add to help out, or am I pretty much just waiting and hoping the Tetra Parasite Guard does the trick?

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At this point, if it was my fish (and it's not!) I'd probably not add anymore meds. It's clear he's really struggling and sometimes excess meds do more harm than good. I'd do daily water changes of 50%, and give it a few days. As far as eating, do not worry about that. Fish can go a very long time without eating. I once had a discus in QT that was sick, he didn't eat for a month, and he's now perfectly fine.

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Oh wow I had no idea they can go that long w/o food. Ok well tomorrow will be 48 hours for the last Prazi/metra treatment, and that will have been 6 days of treatment, so after that I'll do a 50% water change and keep it up for a few days and just hope for the best. Maybe make the temp a little higher as well (80 currently), and continue putting in salt? I have plenty of aeration (I think), airstone on one side and an AC110 stirring the surface plenty on the other side.
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Should I really not use any meds for a few days? He's looking even worse today, just laying on the bottom looking very very dark, I feel so bad seeing him suffer. I have heard with internal parasites that you need to hit them hard, so should I really wait a few days and chance it, or should I keep trying to medicate?

I did a 50% water change last night without adding any medicine, but I still have one more treatment left of the Parasite Guard. Is there possibly something else I can do without adding medicine? Like, add more salt to the tank than usual? Would it hurt to use 2 tablespoons per 5 gallons instead of just 1 tablespoon? It breaks my heart seeing my fish I've had for 4 years suffering.
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You dont need salt for medication put the carbon filter in let the medican get sucked up and see how hes doing it sound like the medication isn't working.

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Ok, so I'm wondering if its possible that there might be some kind of bacterial disease going on? I'm wondering that since I found that bloody poop in the tank there could perhaps be some kind of bacterial problem. And also makes me wonder since when I added the first parasite treatment, he initially got better, and then started to go bad again. Maybe some kind of secondary infection? Right now he is just laying on the substrate looking very very dark with some patching of discoloration. Breathing heavier than normal. Also one gill still looks slightly larger than the other.

I have some Maracyn-two that expired in 08 around the house (its too late to go to the store), and I'm wondering if this would be safe to use on the tank? Also I only have enough for half of what it recommends for the initial dose, I have 4 tablets and it says I would need 8 tablets for the first dose. I know that with human anti-biotics that after the "expiration" date that they simply lose their potency, but are still safe to use. Should be the same with this fish antibiotics right? I also have some Maracyn Oxy, but I'm not sure if that would be helpful for a possible bacterial problem.

I figure some meds are still better than nothing. I would go tomorrow as soon as I wake up and get a new box of maracyn and possibly add the remaining 4 tablets needed for that initial dose, or just do 50% water change and start a whole new dose. I don't think I have much time left :(

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Ok well I just added 4 tablets of Maracyn two since thats all I have for right now, though it says for the initial dose to use 8 tablets and then 4 on the second day. Would it be alright if I add the 4 I didn't have tomorrow afternoon, or should I just do a large water change and start all over tomorrow when I get more maracyn two?
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Well I just lost the battle :'(

Thanks for all the help though guys. I'm going to go bury him outside somewhere....

I guess I should just bleach the tank too.
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I'm sorry, Millah.

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Sorry to hear he didn't make it.

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