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Sick fish live plants? Growth on eye? Help!

I got peacock cichlids and quarantined them and they were doing good. Well a few days ago one of my peacocks started being picked on terribly. The rest wouldn't let her eat and they kept her pinned in a corner.

Last night she looked healthy aside from being skinny so I moved her to a tank with kribs and she was able to eat last night. Well now she is just swimming around on the sand and over one eye is a clear cone. It looks just like a clear cone over her eye not sure how to explain it. When the lights were off she was swimming normal but now she's just resting.

What is wrong with her? What do I treat her with since I have live plants? She's the prettiest fish I've ever had I would really hate to lose her I'm really worried about her and worried my other fish will get sick too. I've never treated with live plants before, can I use Maroxy? Or maybe Maracyn I and II?
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have you got pictures? does the growth look fluffy/ cotton like?

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I tried to take a picture but it shows up white and makes it look worse. I'll upload one tomorrow. But it's just a completely clear growth over one eye, just clear not cottony or any texture to it at all. Looks like a clear jelly thing over her one eye. Then her fins are all tore up from the other peacocks so her fins are all frayed with white spots (not ich).

She's still eating and still flares her fins and she's swimming around and messing with my plants now so it appears like she's feeling better.

Tonight I dosed Maroxy and Maracyn II, I don't have Maracyn I I'm going to buy some tomorrow. I tried google search but couldn't find much information on what is and isn't safe for plants but I had to treat her with something tonight.

Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Amazon swords
Rotundifolia Rotala
Dwarf Sag
Giant Anubias
Java Moss

If anyone knows if what I'm using is or isn't safe for these plants any feedback appreciated. I've never had a fish with a growth on an eye like this but I know it was either caused from stress or maybe an injury to her eye since they were picking on her so bad.
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well i think it might just be an infection. i dont know about live plants cause ive only ever had 2 fish and they had a plastic one. though be careful of what meds you get cause some of them are really dodgy. id put her in a seperate tank so her healing process isnt messed up.

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1 male Betta (Arun)
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Thanks for your help :) The eye cleared up, picture looked worse than on the camera so I chose not to post it. I've used these medications before and they've always worked so I trust them, but the maroxy made some leaves of my rotala turn white. No bad effects from the other medications (Maroxy I and II) so I say they're safe for the plants I have.

But now it looks like she has ich. There's no where it could have came from since they were quarantined healthy so it must be from stress. She's still stressed out even though nobody is picking on her, she's so scared of all the other fish in the tank. So it must have been brought on by stress. :( None of the other fish seem to have it though so I don't know if it's ich or not. :s
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I would assume it's NOT ich until it spreads to another fish. Could just as easily be damaged scales or a minor bacterial infection. Continue the Maracyn as prescribed since you already started it.

We don't need to have you accidentally creating a Maracyn II-resistant strain of anything. I would not worry about any new medicines. I wouldn't really continue the Maroxy anymore.

It was probably just an injury that would have cleared up on it's own.
Please check nitrates in both tanks and keep an eye on the ammonia.

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^^ genius

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Can you tell me how I would create a strain resistant to Maracyn II? Does this mean to never use Maracyn II? Can something become resistant to Maracyn II that wouldn't resistant to the other medications? I can assure you I don't medicate my fish unless they really look bad as I've found most things usually clear up on their own, but when seeing a big growth off of her eye I thought it looked like something that would spread so I thought I should try to get rid of it right away.

She still doesn't look good, still tore up fins and lots of white spots, but seeing as I've used all those medications already I don't think I should try anything more I hope she'll get better soon I've never had a fish be sick this long. She's still eating and flaring her fins and she's more active and not sitting around anymore so I think that's good I hope.
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