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A Sick Fish

Ok I have a cremecycle lyretail molly that was very active up until 2 days ago...Now all she does is lay in the corner at bottom of tank not swimming much at all however she is moving all her fins and tail but her gills tend to move just slightly faster than the other fish. When she does swim its very slow and sluggish (shes not fat bloated or preggo) I do notice she eats but very very little like 1 flake of food then back to her corner she goes. (She usually eats like a little piggy and swims all over the tank.) She has nothing visibly wrong no ich red gills and shes not being bullied. She does look a little pale in her face could she just be constipated? Or is something seriously wrong maybe a parasite of some sort I dunno?

Water Parameters:
Water temp: 78-80 degrees
PH: 8.3 (My water is extremely hard as in just about saltwater ready)(Also am not worried about lowering PH all but the 1 fish is thriving right now including my cories who supposedly hate harder water)
Ammonia: IMO Inconclusive.. Innacuate API Test kit everything I test registers at 0.25 even bottled or filtered water.
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 5.0- 10 ppm

Seachem Prime is the water conditioner I use..

Any help would be appreciated trying to help her get better
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Hi Phatz. It sounds like your molly could have gill flukes, judging from how her gills are moving more rapidly. For treatment, I would suggest removing her to a hospital tank or container and treat her with either 3 tsps of AQ salt per gallon OR a proprietary medication that contains praziquantel, such as Parasite Clear tabs or Seachem ParaGuard.

For hardness, well . . . mollies thrive in hard water so no worries there. And most cories are tank-bred and are much hardier in regards to water chemistry so as long as there are no sudden changes in the water chemistry, they should continue to do just fine. :)
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100 0487 - YouTube

Heres a video if its any help... Her gills are definitely swollen and she is breathing heavy im guessing it is gill flukes or bacterial gill disease possibly.. Appreciate the input I will research the products mentioned I don't have a QT or hospital tank atm but after this will be investing in one...
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Appreciate the help, sadly she died this afternoon, but I am relieved to know she isn't suffering anymore.
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I am sorry to hear that. :( You tried your best though. :)
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