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sick angelfish?

This is a discussion on sick angelfish? within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> he wasn't really scratching himself against anything - just kind of shivered, like a ripple down his body. the thing that worries me is ...

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Old 07-08-2010, 03:49 AM   #11
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he wasn't really scratching himself against anything - just kind of shivered, like a ripple down his body. the thing that worries me is all the slime. I think that might have been what he was trying to get rid of.
I will get some maracyn - what is the difference between maracyn and maracyn plus? do you use them together or seperately?
I will try to get some pictures, but it could be hard...
edit: I also have some ich medication, its called 'ickaway' by wardley, very effective for ich, would it help to use that?
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you have to see what your fish is suffering from first before you start medication. yes maracyn and maracyn plus contains different chemicals so it is safe to use them together as your not doing a double dosage of any one chemical.
Maracyn: Antibiotic (Erythromycin) tablets recommended for the treatment of body fungus, fin and tail rot, popeye and gell disease.
Maracyn Plus (Sulfadimidine and trimethoprin).Antibacteria Bio-Sheperes contains two powerful broad spectrum antibiotics that are effective against a wide range of bacterial diseases. The microscopic biospheres attach directly to the fish delivering the medication where it is needed. It also prevents re-infection during treatment. Maracyn Plus treats Mouth Fungus, Popeye, Dropsy, and Ulcers in freshwater or saltwater aquariums
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I still don't know what is wrong with him, I think the most obvious sign is the excess mucous. I read about the diseases you linked to and it sounds like it could be something like Chilodonella. one time, a long while back, my angelfish had the excess mucous problem. I can't remember why, but it got better by itself. could the slime and the white spot in his eye be caused by different diseases? his colours have always been amazing and they still are now, although earlier today I had to remove a piece of driftwood from the tank when I was setting up the 60 liter and he faded a little bit then from stress, but is as boldly coloured as ever now.
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Medicated Flakes for Angelfish or other fish

I recently lost my angelfish. My friend had some medicated flake food that she gave me. She thought my Angel had Hole in Head. The flakes worked so I put him in my main tank and noticed after a week he did not look good. I had to put him down as his face was all deformed and he was getting sicker.

My friend got the medicated flakes from
I asked for help on the site and got a answer right away from Steve. I wanted to know what kind of medicated flake food I should feed new fish in my QT tank before adding to my main tank. I only had 1 angelfish and wanted to get another one in a few months. It was in a community tank with other fish to control livebearer fry population. Steve told me to get Immunity Booster flakes and feed for 2 weeks and then the Dewormer flakes after that before adding to my main tank. I ordered both and some The Works flakes for regular feeding. I have the medicated Metronidazole flakes my friend gave me also.

These are good flakes to keep in your fish medicine box as you want something that you do not have to go to the store and get when problems strike. I'm so glad my friend told me about this site as I would rather feed medicated flake food them put liquid meds in my tank that has all live plants. I hope this site can help other.I put all new fish in a QT tank now before adding them to my main tank. My friend has had problems with her angelfish that she got from someone and they had worms. It killed some of the Angelfish that were to far along and she had to treat her whole tank with some strong medicine and lost alot of fish.

Dorabaker, Maybe you can ask Steve on the website about your fish as it is a Angel web-site and he might now more about angelish since he sells them also. I hope you Angelfish gets better. If it is to far along sometimes it's best to put them down.
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thankyou so much, I will have a look at the site :) I am treating him with melafix and if he isn't getting better after 7 days I think I will have to put him out of his misery he is acting very odd, kind of having spasms...even so he doesn't seem to be in distress so I don't know!
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