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Sick angel, not healing, but eating well

Hey guys, I am new to this forum but I have been fishkeeping for a couple years. I recently noticed that two of my angels formed a breeding pair, but have not had a chance to breed them yet. but in the last 2 months my female angel has developed sores on her body, one on her gills that has eaten right through. She still feeds aggressively and is usually the first one to the top, but i notice that she looks stressed (obviously).

I thought it might be hexamita because she once had that a year ago, pus in the feces and all, which she recovered from with medication. For this recent infection I have tried Aquazole, General Cure (metronidazole/praziquantel) thinking it may be parasitic/fungal but they have had no effect. The strange thing is that it does not appear contageous, as my other angels who are usually in close proximity to her have been just fine, I have isolated her today just in case. I am unsure how to proceed. I also have tetracycline but have not tried it yet.

Please take a look at the pic and help if you can! I really dont want to lose her since she is such a survivor was once a beautiful fish.

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Would need answers to questions under the Tropical fish diseases section you posted under.
Were it me,,I would isolate the fish and treat with bacterial medication while performing twice to three weekly water changes of no less than 30 percent for the next four weeks.
Would remove any carbon from filters while medicating.
Would leave lights off on sick tank and would offer quality flake food once daily.

Of course if water quality is suffering,,or tank is not maintained properly,then medications will have little to no effect. If fish is living in crowded conditions or is being picked on by other fishes which is common with numerous Angelfish in general, then stress from these can make healing difficult.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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