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Ryukin Goldfish has swimbladder issue, Petsmart no help..

This is a discussion on Ryukin Goldfish has swimbladder issue, Petsmart no help.. within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by Twistersmom Chrisseh, my petsmart has 2 great people working in the fish department. Think the store has a high turnover rate ...

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Ryukin Goldfish has swimbladder issue, Petsmart no help..
Old 12-19-2008, 07:32 AM   #11
Originally Posted by Twistersmom View Post
Chrisseh, my petsmart has 2 great people working in the fish department. Think the store has a high turnover rate with their employees. Always new and untrained people working there. Sounds like you are one of the good ones! Keep up the great work! I bet you have saved a lot of fish lives, and you can be proud of that!
Thank you

Yes, we do have high turn over rate. On top of that my department is the hardest part of the store. It really takes a long while to get used to it. About 3 months to get a decent understanding of fish, even longer to have "actual" fish knowledge. But I guess it is the same in any pet store.
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Old 12-19-2008, 08:07 AM   #12
Chrisseh, sorry if I offended you :( . That is why I always say "most" because I know that there are knowledgeable people working there, I actually may try to get a job at one of them for the summer. I did meet one guy once who actually seemed to know his stuff. He was worried when I bought some cories for the first fish for my 15 gallon until I told him that I had already fishless cycled it :) He also told me that he keeps saltwater setups and is also a member of a fishforum. The worst part is that the fish department of that store closed :( And, that was the one store that usually had fish that were in good health and carried other good stuff as well. I mean, they still have the dry goods section, but what I really need is a good place to get fish! Anyway, I guess the reason that I am so cynical toward people asking advice from pet stores, is because that guy is the ONLY knowledgeable person that I have met yet! And, there are so many posts on here where people have been gived just down right dangerous advice from bad pet store employees. So, I'm sorry if I offended you, that comment was certainly not intended to you or anyone else who actually does the research to do their job right. Forgive me?
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Old 12-20-2008, 08:20 AM   #13
It's all good. I just am looking out for slander against a company that has been so good to me. I know that sometimes our fish are crap (I blame the breeders) and I know that my co-workewrs give bad advice (like a heater for an out door pond!). I just don't want people to start "playa hatin'" on Petsmart when every store is so different. I still live by a few suggestions when entering Petsmart.
1. Ask simple answer questions to see if the associate knows what they are doing.
2. Ask the associate if they like fish (or whatever animal you are there for)
3. Ask them which one is their favorite? (extremly helpful when getting small animals)
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Old 12-22-2008, 11:23 AM   #14
Originally Posted by Kim View Post
Well, swim bladder disorder can be caused by bloating/constipation because both these conditions put pressure on the swim bladder which leads to the symptoms that you see. If what you are doing seems to work, then I would continue doing it. There was a post in the freshwater pictures section where a goldfish was eating some brocoli. Your fish may like this as well.

I think your new maintenance schedule sounds much better. I would do a 20% change personally. Your nitrate test levels will really tell you how much you should be changing and how often to keep nitrates as low as possible. Even though your tank is cycled, nitrates can still build up and cause problems for your fish, so finding a good schedule by testing nitrate levels will be the best for your fish.

And yeah, pet store people for the most part know nothing about fish. You wouldn't belive how much bad advice I've gotten or heard of from those places. I don't even bother asking them ANYTHING anymore. Just do your own research, walk in, get your stuff, and walk out :)

Hi Kim,

I am changing the water every 11 days, 20% change. Today I just did a fish test strip because she is hanging around the bottom. Usually did this just in the morning (I think she was sleeping?), but today she is doing it all day. She only swims and moves when I get near the tank because I am 'meal time'. I fed her some peas today. I am still soaking her food before giving it to her - but some days - even after soaking it - she gets floaty and was on her side a few seconds!


Nitrite = 0
Nitrate = Faint 20 ppm
Hardness = 150 hard
Chlorine = 0
Alkalinity = 80-120
pH = 7.8

Should nitrate always be zero or does it go up and down a little naturally?

Hardness - I do have some white mineral deposits on some equipment, but cleaned it (with water) before putting her in the tank. The test strip paper says 'hardness affects fish ability to maintain correct balance between internal body fluids & external environment' Should I be worried?

If she's hanging around the bottom of the tank, does that means it's the beginning of the end or ...? I am doing a water change today.

Thanks everyone...
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Old 12-22-2008, 12:07 PM   #15
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My goldfish with swim bladder disorder has been hanging around the bottom for a very long time now. ( 4 or 5 months) Dont think it means your fish is anywhere close to dying yet. Cant even count how many times i thought mine was dead, only to see it quickly wake up when I approach. Your water sounds great! you are always going to have some nitrates, 20 ppm is a good number! I just give my guy peas every night and a small amont of food in the morning. Sound like thats about all we can do for them.
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Old 12-22-2008, 01:54 PM   #16
In a cycled tank you will always have some levels of nitrates. With your fish's condition I would aim to keep it at 20 ppm or lower. Right now your water sounds fine. I think it's just going to be something that you will just have to maintain. Good luck.
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