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Yes. I stirred up the gravel and some material was loosened (looked like small dust bunnies) and there are no ornaments in the tank except for a Roman coliseum w/bubble maker. I didnt want to put everything back in the tank til the water was OK. I figured the bubbles would help somehow. I guess I should've paid more attention in my chemistry classes. :P

I'll do another water change on saturday then I'll post my results. Meanwhile I'll get the dechlorinator today. Hopefully that'll help. Thanx guys.
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I added Ammonia Detox by Tetra and already the smell is very, very faint. I had a headache for the past 2 days smelling that stuff. Hopefully by tomorrow my water will be ok. Should I do another change on saturday or just treat the water? Also when I'm ready for fish, what should I start out with. I usually get neons and zebras. I think I'm ready for a change. Thanx guys. :)
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I'm pretty sure Ammonia Detox works exactly the same way as Ammo-lock. It's probably best to only add Amquel (I recommend this because it is the water conditioner you already have) and not add any more chemicals to the water. Only treat water with Amquel that you are adding to the tank during a water change (and dose for the amount of gallons you are adding), there should be no need to add anything directly to the tank.
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You're right. Ammonia Detox didnt do anything. I did like a 60% water change yesterday and the ammonia test still registered thru the roof. I don't understand. I guess our tap water is what's messed up. I did a 25-30% change on wednesday and a 60% yesterday... thats ALL new water. My PH is really low which I read is good for getting rid of ammonia. I will try Ammquel again. Though I already dumped the rest of the Ammonia Detox this morning before I read this post. Its been over a month. I almost want to take down the tank but I love fish and I'll miss watching them. Not to mention my cats too. They love to watch the fish. I don't know what else to do. At least the smell is gone.
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Ammonia Detox *will not* remove ammonia, simply render it harmless to your fish. You will still get an ammonia reading on all of your tests.

Can you test your tap water for ammonia?
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A few questions...

1. Are you sure that there are no dead or otherwise rotting ammonia sources in the tank?

2. Can you think of anything else you changed before you did this?

3. How long and in what state did you tank sit between batches of fish?

4. What kind of filtration are you using. Did you change the media between fish?

5. How many fish (what kind/size) do you have in the tank and how big is it?

I think okiemavis is getting you on the right track. Any product that says it lowers or some how keeps amonia in check is not a good solution. You are just adding to the "chemical soup" of the aquarium and not providing any real long-term solutions. Plus, its an expensive way to de-tox fish waste.

Often water changes are a MUST in this situation. You need to be treating the new water with a product like Stress Coat, Tap Water Conditioner, AquaSafe Water Conditioner, etc...
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As far as I can see there is nothing in the tank thats was or once was alive or dead. I didnt change anything but the water. I took all the ornaments out but the bubble maker. When I changed my water on saturday I noticed some shiney bits in the gravel, here the new heater cracked. So I removed the glass but I havent bought a new heater yet. Its still pretty warm in there. The tank gets the heat from the sun shining in the window. As far as question number 3. I'm not sure how to answer it. Everything was cool til the old heater broke and cooked all my fish. Since then is when I've been having this problem. 4. I use Whisper3 filters. 5. I had around 20 fish. 8 neons, 6 zebras, red tail shark and some guppies. This is a 30 gal tank.

I'll be going to the pet store today. I just wish there were knowlegable people working there besides teenagers. I tested the water again this morning and its still christmas green! I also used the test kit on water straight from the tap and its slighly yellow.. a little on the maisey side. kinda like urine.. ha ha.

I'm anxious to get rid my tank back on track. I've never had a problem like this before. Thanx for your advice Todd.
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Stick with amquel dechlorinator ONLY . water changes and DEEP vaccuming of the gravel will eventually remove all the ammonia without any other chemicals offered by employees of fish store I don't care how smart they are.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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