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Rapidly Dead Fish

This is a discussion on Rapidly Dead Fish within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I just got back from a business trip to find out 13 of my tropical fish had died. The pet sitter said they were ...

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Rapidly Dead Fish

I just got back from a business trip to find out 13 of my tropical fish had died. The pet sitter said they were fine and active during her morning visit, but by the time she got there at 6pm they were all dead.

She's a vet tech and thought it might be ich, so she isolated the 5x remaining fish from the tank and left some ich medication for me. The dead fish were removed from the tank.

Last weekend I added a 7 new tetras to the tank, so I believe they probably brought something with them. (Tank is 30 gallon and water tests good.)

Not having seen the fish before they died I'm not sure if they had parasites, a disease, or what because there was no one to observe their behavior prior to them dying. (And they died within 12 hours!)

Any ideas what might have happened to make them all go so quickly?
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What kind of tetras were they? Neons are known to carry a Neon Tetra disease, which has no know cure. It does affect many other tropical fish too.

And, what were the other fish?
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At the beginning of the thread .. Tropical fish Diseases is a notice asking members to please read before posting. Many people I suspect would be willing to help if the info asked for was posted. Few I fear are willing to speculate which is all one can do without the info. asked for.
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do i hear that right...13 fish died in one day??
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