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Rainbow shark with one huge eye.

This is a discussion on Rainbow shark with one huge eye. within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by small fry Odd. Many cases of pop-eye I have heard of have been only one eye. Where you are getting your ...

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Rainbow shark with one huge eye.
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Originally Posted by small fry View Post
Odd. Many cases of pop-eye I have heard of have been only one eye. Where you are getting your information? I am not saying it is wrong or anything like that, I am just wondering if it is a reputable source. There is alot of conflicting information about many things on the internet.

I get all the information on the subject I can than I slowly weed out the crap websites. But like most websites they are all crap. But basically this is what Im getting. Most likey its an injury. There are three causes of pop eye bacterial, injury or vitamin A def.

f this disease is not detected soon after it is caught the fish can lose one or both of its eyes and its eye sight. Any impact the eye might be subjected to generally as a result of fighting, can cause this. If its one eye chances are it's injury, if its both then it is possibly a bacterial infection. Bad water quality is a common reason enough to be the cause. High nitrAtes/nitrItes, ammonia, metal or plastic poisoning can be the reason too. Unsuitable salinity can also be the cause. Bacterial infections, injury and water quality are the most common problems. Vitamin A deficiency, tumors and gas embolism are less common reasons. Pop eye can also be caused by gas bubble disease as a result of oxygen super saturation (excess levels) of the water with the gas, nitrogen. Super saturation occurs whenever the pressure of a gas in the water is higher than the pressure of the same gas in the surrounding atmosphere, whereby the difference in gas pressures causes the gas to get pulled too quickly out of the fish's bloodstream, leaving behind gas bubbles. The other symptoms of this are the appearance of bubbles under the fish's skin. It's caused by excess oxygen in the water, particularly from filters that blow air directly from outside to inside the tank, and from pressurized tap water that did not get mixed.

He is hiding in a pirate ship so i can't see the fish right now but it one guy said to make sure the other eye is normal......
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