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Question Question about treating Ich with tank contents

Okay here goes -

I have Ich in my tank - I know why - I didn't quarantine the new fish from the fish store - (2 platy and 2 clown loaches)

Sorry to say, it has already claimed 1 platy and 1 male mollie (meaning they have several spots -not dead)

I have read that raising the temp and adding salt helps -

So can I add salt with my current tank stock?
Oh and I have two kinds of salt - Top Fin conditioning salt (look like table salt) and API Aquarium salt (looks like epsom or rock salt) - if I can use salt - which one?????

Size 55 gallon

Current Contents:
(and Yes I KNOW it is over stocked)
2X Angelfish
2x Congo Tetra
2x Kuhli Loach
4x Otocinclus
4x Molly
2x Platy
2x Clown Loaches - are babies and I'm holding them until my brother gets his 90g cycled

Did a 50% water change today and readings are:

Temp 80.1 F
pH 7.8
Ammonia - 0 **a little over because of water change - tap is .25 but I used amquel+ and stress coat+
Nitrite -0
Nitrate - less than 5

Thanks for any advice - even if it is not constructive -

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There are a number of issues with use of salt on loaches. I would recommend against it. This is a useful read.

Dealing with Ich :: Loach Forum for Aquarium Fish

Good luck.
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