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Originally Posted by stephanieleah View Post
Update on your parrot, please? How' he doing?
He's not doing so good. I put the second dose of medication in today. He is still not eating and he is hanging out at the top of the tank under the filter. I just don't know what else to do, I'm at a loss.
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***Another Update***

My fish is still alive, still not really eat but I got a new question. His lips and top fins are turning black, Why is this?

Edit: So I found out it is ammonia burns. He is done being medicated and I now put him back in the 75 gal tank. I am going to do a 30% water change and gravel suck. I guess this is his last chance and life and hoping he pulls threw, time will only tell. I've done everything I've could.

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Jon --

It may be ammonia burns but blood parrots are very sensitive to water conditions in that they will reflect bad quality water by getting black streaks or spots on them. They go away when the water conditions are good.

I'm happy he's still hanging in there and have been hoping for the best!


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Well after a long hard 2 1/2 week battle with trying to save my 5yr old parrot fish, he died this morning. I honestly thought he was getting better but I guess not. Atleast his final days he was able to be back in his 75gallon home, instead of dying in his small medicated tank. Well it's time to move on. Just wanted to thank you guys for the quick responses.

I have quit using cycle and I am now using aqua safe. On a side note I would like to get a new fish this week sometime. Should I go back with what i know and buy 2 blood parrots? Or should I try something new and get a firemouth?
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Don't know about the fish types to get, but sorry you lost your other parrot. I hate losing fish and for some reason the larger they are the harder it is on me. He was lucky to have such a thoughtful and attentive owner.

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Originally Posted by Jill0 View Post
Jon --

It may be ammonia burns but blood parrots are very sensitive to water conditions in that they will reflect bad quality water by getting black streaks or spots on them. They go away when the water conditions are good.
My parrots had the black streaks on them when I first got them from the LFS (see photos in my aquarium log from when they were babies) and all the black went away once they were in my tank for a few days. Happy fishies.

However, every now and then one will have the splotches come back, even though my levels are normal...I have noticed it happens when something changes (I move something in the tank or in the room they are in, or have strangers over even). They are very shy fish and only come out of hiding for me or people that are at my house often, so I've come to the conclusion the black is a sign of unhappiness.

Bubbles, my youngest one, recently got pissed off at me because I added a new cave to the tank for the Jewels. She hid for two days, got black splotches and just recently forgave me and is back to normal.

Talk about guilt trippers...

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Yeah, I've heard that parrots will get those black splotches when they are stressed.

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