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Prophylactic treatment for other tanks after Columnaris?

Hi, guys. I lost a little PetCo betta to what I think had to be Columnaris, just a week after I got him. I am now utterly paranoid that I may have used my algae magnet on both his tank and other tanks and am worried about contamination. Is there some prophylactic treatment I can use for my other tanks that will not stress my fish?
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Maybe treat lightly (one dose) with one of the broad spectrum meds to ease your mind. Naturally, clean your magnet well and let it dry. I'd say be observant and wait before you did anything; however, this disease seems so insidious that it deserves somewhat of a proactive approach. Hopefully more experienced friends will wade in here.

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just follow strict quarantine procedures. wash hands after handling infected tank, separate equipment. the 20 gallon I have, will probably spend the rest of its life in quarantine mode. nothing from that tank will ever go elsewhere.

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Same here. I have a 55 gallon that is apparently infected, as I have an outbreak every 2-3 months and a bunch of fish die. I can't put the fish in another tank for fear they are carriers and will infect that tank as well. Its a losing battle.

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