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polly sick again???

Polyy my balloon molly, is showing signs of illness ........ again :( tho she is happy in herself, her scales look a little scabby just by her gills and face? i havent a clue wats up but am treating the water with myxazin...again, incase of any further infection.. water params r normal, maybe she has hurt herself??
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Pictures will help.:) I would post the water parameters if I were you.:) This will help a lot.

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ill try for pics in the morning but being black its hard to get a good pic. params r,
nitries 0
nitrate 25
(i know its a bit high)
gh >6
kh 3
ph 7.2
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sorry to hear that lioness hope she gets well soon :(

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you might try aquarium salt for a treatment, cause molly's are brackish they come from places where fresh water meets sea water.our potbellied molly had some what looked like injuries on her and we started adding salt and she quickly recovered.just make sure the other fish in your tank can handle the aquarium salt..
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I would suggest "marine salt" instead of "aquarium salt". The mineral content is a huge difference, and the things the mollys need is more found in the marine salts. Instant Ocean, Reef Crystals, and a few of the other top brands are pretty close in content, so any of them would be a good option. Before adding salt, what other fish are in the tank with the molly? Some fish won't be able to tolerate those conditions. Also, are there live plants in the tank? There are lower levels of salt that can be added according to what else is in the tank, and any salt would benefit the molly.

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unfortunately, tho i tried my best, came home yesterday and polly had passed on :(:( rip polly. it seems that she was susceptable to disease. she was completely white. poor thing. least she got to swim with her baby again :)
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Sorry to hear about your loss.
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I am to sorry to hear that

and I hope it never happen again.

but if it happen again or it happen for your friends tell them to

add 1 middle spoon salt for each 4 gallons. add 2 degrees of celicious ( 3.5 fa) temp.

( dont feed them too much )and you will see the point after 3 days
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sorry to read that polly died

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