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maybe i calculated wrong/

260l = 68 us gal. = 136 tsp 1 tsp = 5grms

136tsp = 680 grms.

if i have added too much should i dilute it? what harm will it do.

maybe i should make it a marine tank. i seem to be having better luck with my marine tank.
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Again, why did you add salt? To do... what?
What is the benefit of that salt in your situation?
You just added 700g of salt in 260L of water for the sake of doing something. Yes it's gonna do harm, lots of it.
Change the water(40% NOW! and another 40% tomorow, use dechlorinated water) and stop adding stuff in the tank just because it's fun.
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the fish have saltwater ich. did you not read the previous posts. it states on all info on ich that that is the recommended treatment.
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Really? can you link some of those sites where you found that making your freshwater tank a reef cures ich?
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Have used Salt (not Marine salt). at 3 teaspoons per gal to treat ICH in freshwater aquariums. Also slowly raised temp to 82 degrees. Always mixed the salt in five gal bucket and made sure it was all dissolved before adding it to the aquarium. At three teaspoons per gal, SG level is relatively low at around 1.001
I would be concerned about the use of 40 percent R/O water as mentioned earlier, and if ph being posted is with addition of marine salt which will increase alkalinity or is ph posted from the tapwater?
Also confused as to tank size as two different sizes have been mentioned 68 gal or 80 gal? 260 Litres or300 litres?
Would be difficult to know how much salt or meds to administer without accurate size of tank or gal,litres.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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You can cure it by increasing temperature to 30 celsius for a few days to a week.
No salt really needed.
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So the tank is 300l but I estimated 260l with rock in. I didnít use marine salt I used cooking salt with no iodine or caking agent. What is wrong with RO? Itís hardly a reef tank, my refractometer measured 1.0025 a reef requires ten times that, 1.025. I may have made an amateurish mistake but Iím not an idiot. Thank you to everyone else for your valued advice but as for Redknee please keep your unhelpful moronic comments to yourself.

The situation seems much better. The symptoms of ich have subsided the most obvious issue now is slightly frayed fins, (not stringy, doesn't look fungal) and black patches on fins and lips and some upper parts of body? All help appreciated.

p.s. I did raise my temp too.
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Yes, you are so right, i should keep my advice to myself.
Great job on the salt thing, keep it up.
You are also right about something else, you don't have a reef there, it's a swamp at best.
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The black patches are likely signs of osmotic shock. I think you have entirely too much salt in the tank which is adversely affecting your fish.

I suggest doing large water changes to bring the salt down to a reasonable level. The water changes will also help with the elevated ammonia levels. Other than the salinity, what are your other water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH)? What fish remain in the tank? I wouldn't recommend keeping parrots with Malawi cichlids. The Malawi fish, even the more docile ones, will bully the parrots. Not to mention incompatibilities as far as water parameter requirements and diet. I would make a choice between the two and would likely base that choice on the water parameters of my tap water (or whatever water source I had available). It's not ideal but you can cycle a tank that has fish in it but frequent large water changes are necessary in order to keep ammonia and nitrite from reaching lethal levels.

4 8 15 16 23 42
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Redknee you don't need to be so rude. Salt is a known remedy for ich.

I can't offer much advice since I dunno much about cichlids and fighting ich (had ich before but not really sure how i managed to get rid of it...) My experience with ich was keeping the temp the same (raising it can stress your fish and increase metabolism deteriorating water quality), adding meds, and a tiny bit of salt (I don't really think the salt did anything.) What you want to do to treat ich is keep the water parameters the best you can and keep their environment as stress-free as possible. Keep up your water changes. If your ammonia is 0 and nitrite 0 and nitrate is low, then your tank should be for the most part cycled. Things should begin to settle down and your fish should start to get better I think. I'd do large water changes as iamntbatman suggested to get the salt down. Keep an eye on your ammonia and nitrite. Make sure your treat tap water before putting it in your tank. Also cichlids are agressive fish that might be the cause of some of the frayed fins... do they have enough places to hide? Cichlids like lots of rocks and places to hide like clay pots and oranaments.

Btw poking them with a stick to make them move isn't going to help them. I know you stopped but just thought I'd comment that they are going to be sick whether or not they sit their and look sick or move around not looking as sick.

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