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I'm sure someone else will chime in because I'm not an expert but I suggest leaving the aquarium lights off for a few days. And try to block the sunlight if you can. Keep up on those water changes!
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How are things going today? Any new results to report?
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Hello everyone
I just ran a test on the water my stats are
nitrate: 80
nitrite: 1.0
hardness: 300
alkalinity: 120
ph: 7.2
ammnia: 9.5?? I dont think the test I bought are relly good, but the only pet store in this area is 35 mim away and the next one its 3 hours out. but i think im going to make the trip..
I have been doing all the water changes like clock work:) 10% evrytime, my fish now like me in there they dont even move out of the way.
They look a little better but still lifeless and unhappy, my kids keep asking me why the fihishy keep sleeping all day.
thank you all so much for care.
i dont know what else to do
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You made some great progress with the nitrites, though 1 is still stressful. I can't believe your ammonia is truly that high and you still have fish. As recommended on these boards, try and get the API master test kit. You can buy them online or even on eBay. I'm curious as to why your nitrates are going up. You could try a nitrate test on your tap water and see what it runs. Make sure you use a water conditioner and let it sit a few minutes before you add new water to the tank. BTW, it's also ok if you don't feed your fish for a day. Until your ammonia comes way down I'd skip a day and then only feed a very small amount once a day. I'm rootin' for ya! :)
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Try to get your aquarium out of any and all direct sunlight - that will help in the future with your algal blooms. Good luck with everything!
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Hello guys
Thank you all for responding.
I ran the test today with the new API test today and even thougt it was messy I think the results are great.
nitrate: 20
nitrite: .5
hardness: 75
alkanity: 300
ph: 7.8
ammonia: 40

thinks are looking alot better since I have been doing the water changes but I still feel that my ammonia and the nitrite are a bit off being that my betta is not looking well... he is not being him self he is laying at the bottom sad and has stoped eating I don't know what to do..
the alge problem is getting better however my water turned green??? I don't know how this happen???

thank you all again
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