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Please help me my fish are not ok

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum, very nice to meet you all.
I am have a 10 gal tank, I have 3 mollys and one beta, my bottom eater just died last night.
I've had my tank for about 11 months now and all of the sudden everything is going wrong very fast.
this are my problems.
1. I cant get the alge under control, its green sticky and mostly on decorations and wall of the tanks
2. my stats are out of control and getting worse, i have follow all the instructions on the bottle to make it good but its not working..
nitrate: 160
nitrite: 10.0
hardness: 300
alkanity: 300
ph: 8.4

My fish have become lifeless, sad and are all in the bottom, they look so sad my poor beta dosent even want eat anymore.. I don't know what do I don't want them to die like oddo(my bottom eater did)

Please can someone please help me.

Thank you very much and have a great day
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Your nitrites and nitrates are very high. What is your ammonia? You'll need to do a lot of water changes to dilute the nitrates and nitrites. Test your tap water for nitrates.:)

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how much water should i change 25 or more and how often do i do the water change . Also is there anything i should add to the water?
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25% weekly is a minimum, the only thing you add to your water is a dechlorinator, nothing else unless you NEED to
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Just to clarify...I'd start with at least a 25% water change right away and then do 10-15% EACH day until your parameters are back in control.
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Thank you all very much, I will try that and let you know how it goes..
now my next problem is the alge what sould i do with that?
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Shrimp! Good algae solution haha. Uhm I think you can get apple snails too, but be careful because they like to escape.

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My sunshine died(baby molly) she just went to the bottom with the others and i came to check on them, take an other water test and she was dead.. i did the 25 water change but all the stats are still of the top..
im sad, are my fishys in too much danger??
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I'm so sorry to hear about your molly. What's your ammonia level? Could you be overfeeding? Do another water change.

Is your tank in direct sunlight or do you leave the light on longer than 12 hours? Those can lead to more algae. Don't get any shrimp until your tank is stable.
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I havent tested the amonia lvl i dont have any stips of it..
I will go get some today.
The alge problem is insane.:(
I have the fishtank in my dinining room so it gets maybe 3 or 4 hours of sun and the light are always on.
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