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Please help me with my fish

I have a 30 gallon tank which houses a Moore, bubble eye goldfish, guppy, and Chinese algae eater. All these fish have been together for about a year with no problems.

My problem is that my Moore is swimming in circles and laying on the bottom of the tank. He is also upside down most of the time and he is curved. He was fine this morning and we just noticed it today. What could this be and will it affect my other fish?

My tank is 30 gal with 60 gal filter. I have artificial plants and a piece of driftwood attached to a rock. I have regular aquarium rocks and also a bubble curtain. There is no heater and never has been. I just added stress coat and I did a water change a few weeks ago.

Please help me I have never had a fis do this before. I do not want him to die and I do not want him to suffer either. Please let me know if my other will get this also.


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Start with a 50% water change. Make sure to treat it with dechlor before adding it. Then do another one in 2-3 days. Remember, goldies like cooler water also so that could be a long term problem if the temp has been too high for a long time.

Check your tank parameters:
pH, Gh, Kh
nitrates, nitrites and ammonia.

Give us the results from as many as you can. Make sure to shake the nitrate test bottle really really well or it will give bad readings. If you use strips, I suggest getting liquid tests when you can but give us results either way.
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The only test kit I have is for nitrates, and I just realized that my glass tube to do the test is broken. I do not know how much water it holds, so I cannot do the test

We live in a rural place and it will be monday before I can buy another kit or anything else.

I will do another water change right now. What do you think this is? I read about swimbladder could it be that? Can my other fish get it also?
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I am not the best for diagnosing disease but most malodies stem from water quality. A lot of things can be remedied by improving water quality the best you can until it can be diagnosed. It may be a swim ballder problem, it could be clamping caused from nitrate levels or it could other things. Post what you can when you can test the water and someone will be able to hopefully diagnose thew problem.

I can suggest that you have a moderator move this to Tropical fish diseases and you might get some better help for a more specific diagnosis.
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Ok, what type of water test kit do you own? When you go to get a new one I recommend an API liquid master test kit, it tests for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and pH. If you already have an API test kit then the glass tubes hold 5 ml. I'm not sure about the other ones though.

To me it sounds like swim bladder... But when you say he is all curled up it sounds like terrible water quality or worse case fish TB. and in that case you should be keeping your hands out of the tank, if none of your other fish are showing the same symptoms then I really doubt it would be TB.

Swim bladder isn't really contagious... Because it has many causes, such as over feeding, poor water quality, plus bacterial infections can cause swim bladder issues, so my questions are how often do you preform water changes? How much water do you change? And how often / how much food do you feed? Do you notice a lot of uneaten food that floats to the bottom? This also contributes to poor water quality.

Another thing I noticed is that your guppy and algae eater would really appreciate a heater where as your goldfish... Not so much, they are not really compatible fish.

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Could you post a picture of your fish? That would also be a big help.

Goldfish, especially fancy varieties, are particularly prone to swim bladder problems. They can also get bloated quite easily by accidentally gulping air when they eat. I would fast your fish for several days and see if this helps any. In the future, you might want to look for a sinking food so that your fish can't gulp air when it eats.

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I have done a water change and I will do another today. I also fed him a pea, he acted like he was starving. It took him about 5 minutes to eat the 2 peas that I put in there becuse he could not stay in one spot. Like he didn't know how to. He is still on the bottom of the tank this morning with no change.

If it is swim bladder, how long does it take to get over it?
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