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Please help diagnose my panda cory

(SO sorry for the large picture, it appears that my phone takes desktop sized ones. But hey, you can see what's ailing him)

I just bought 5 cories, two being melanistius, two being panda, and one cory that they had with their melanistius that I think may be a julii, but they didn't have him labelled. Anyway, I got them two days ago, and they've been happy in a 30g with my angelfish. Its taken them a day to get used to the tank, but they're doing well. Except one panda cory.

They've been a little lazy so I wasn't worried yesterday. But today, I have one straggler. Upon looking at him closer, he appears to have white stuff on him. It looks kind of like salt but clearer, and its dappling his whole body. To me, I think its ich. But I need help confirming that so I can start making him better (and I need a strategy to make him better, I've only treated bettas for ich before.)

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You definately have ich there. Those fish are sensitive to salt and treatment, so hopefully someone will weigh in with advise who has dealt with ich with your type of fish. Good luck.


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I had some run-ins with ich with my cory cats, and I got false julii, sterbai, albino and panda corys. I love my pandas to death though. The best and safest way is to go the temperature route. Increase the temp by 1-2 degrees a day, until you reach 85 degrees. Keep it at that temp for a week or longer. Hopefully by then the ick will be gone. Also, keep up with water changes, and vacuum the gravel/substrate; that'll help get any ick eggs out of the tank. Just increase the temp slowly, and add in more air stones as there will be less oxygen in the water. Good luck, and hope this helps!
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