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I have something going on in both of my tanks and I'm about ready to scream. I can't really describe it.

I apologize for so much info but I hope little history will help

20 gal consists of 3 White Clouds, 3 adult Platies, 6 Platy fry 1/4"-1/2" long, and 2(maybe more hiding) new PLaty fry, 1 Honey Gourami and 1 Yo-yo Loach, planted. One White Cloud has something that looks like Lymphocystis and another has some white developing around the border of his lips sort of outlining his lip. I have put Melafix in the tank 2 nights now to prevent possible secondary infections and last night I had to put in an airstone because the 3 White Clouds had started to scrap alot. The last time they behaved like this is when I had been treating for Ick about 2 months ago. Two of my platies have arghhhhh I can't describe it and It definitely won't show on my camera. They have places on their bodies where they look lighter in color (not ick, doesn't look like velvet). The male has a couple of lighter spots around his top fin and several other places on his body. The female that just gave birth recently has several of these lighter spots and one decent sized "splotch" on her upper side close to her upper fin. You can see the inconsistencies better when they swim towards the light. The Honey Gourami may have a cloud to his face I can't get him to stay still long enought to tell for sure it runs from his mouth to his upper fin. I just looked again and it seems some of these places seem to have a cloudy look to them and there a couple spots on the Platies that are about the size of a pencil point that are shiny as if they go below the top of the skin maybe little holes. I have several plants with white spots on them kind of dusty looking. There has been a little bit of swimming down and rubbing not much though just a quick swipe every now and then. All fry look ok as does the loach. I do tend to over feed but very little comes up when I gravel vac so not much is getting left behind. I do water changes weekly so if anything I change the water too much. Tank is fairly new, set up in December and once tank was cycled the params stay the same pretty much the same ammonia 0, nitrite 0, temp 75-77 (we had a couple of 80 degree days), ph 8-8.1, nitrate has been building 5-20. When I was changing water ever day when I had ick nitrate was around 5 but prior and afterward it was around 10 and just last week it hit 20 and I was excited. I will test later this evening .

10gal consists of 1 Platy, 1 Honey Gourami and 2 Otos. The Honey Gourami is actually doing well. The PLaty however has a couple of light spots running along the top of his body and seems to have pencil pooint sized spot like the ones in the other tank. He was injured in the other tank but his scrape mark has healed. He had a fin that was damaged so badly he only had 1/5 to 1/4 of it let when moved to this tank but it has since started to regenerate. The fin is almost half as large as the other side now. He had a spot on his head (cringe) that I assumed was just from damage but I also thought it might just be him since he was always in hiding I never had gotten a really good look at him. Well It hasn't developed into anything but does seem to have the classic hole-on-the -disease look. It is round and just back from the center of his eyes and he seems to have another spot possibly coming up .He had been in the other tank originally. Tank is planted. The Gourami had health problems from the start with the cycling as she didn't seem to be doing all that well and was near death a few times. She was treated (whole tank that is) for suspected internal parasites as she had started to wither and there was hardly anything left of her. Tank was treated with Metronidazole and she is doing well now ans has out back on some weight and seems to not have any signs that the Platy does. The Otos are doind well with no signs of illness. This tank was a bit of a struggle to get cycled. Once I finally got it the params stay pretty consistant ammonia 0, nitrite 0, temp 75-77, ph8-8.1 nitrate 5 until last week it tested at 10. This tank has only been running since February.

Any ideas or any direction where I can go for more research?? I have been living on the computer researching but I haven't found pictures of this yet. The only thing that kind of flagged was maybe Hole-in-the-head I found a picture that kind of resembles the "splothes" on the body. I just really afraid I'm going to end up with an epidemic that is going to wipe out all of my hard work.

Here's my confession I use the same hose and bucket for both tanks. When the Ick was going on I changed the cycling tank first and then the diseased tank . I rinse well between tanks and make sure that is dried out before I use it again hopefully killing any buggers left.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

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any updates?

sorry i dont have any real advice except to keep at it and best of luck getting it all taken care of

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Thanks for asking.

It is a bit worse. I talked to a guy at one of lfs and he wasn't much help. The one helpful thing he said is that is very highly unlikely that is hole in the head since the fish in question are Platy. He also suggested not trying to treat until it becomes more clear what is really going on. He also suggested treating with the Melafix and try to treat with water changes. I told him that until last week my params have been consistent but the nitrate had started to climb gradually which is what I originally wanted. The splotches have become slightly cloudy and whiteish. I think (well most likely know) my problem is overfeeding. My nitrates were 20 last week and I had a really hard time reading last night but it looked like 40. I did a 20ish% change last night and tonight. and probably will do it again tomorrow. I'm trying to cut down on the amount I feed and decrease the time the lights are on. I also have at least 3 types of algae and there is alot on my plant and I'm getting the kind that grows straight out on my java rock (overfeeding).

I thought my water was cloudy from the Melafix but tonight I ran my finger down the glass and it was slimy (sp?) so I scraped the front and got a bunch of gunk off of it (overfeeding)

I gravel vac every time I change water (except in the case of changes for medication) and the past 3 times or so I have gotten tons of junk up.

I think what is developing is either a bacterial infection or fungus. I'm going to wait a few for days and see if it gets fuzzy, I'm thinking bacterial external infection. I don't have meds for either and can't get them until Monday.

I can't see it on my loach but he is flopping himself around on occasion. He swims up from his cave and scrapes his side on the top of the cave and turns around and does it again. He did a series of 6 flops a few hours ago and I have seen him loose his balance a couple of times. I can't see anything on him but I suspect he has it too and I just can't see it due to coloring.

I suspect it will all work out.


Sadie :)
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