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Pink kisser not getting better, euthanizing today, advice please.

Well. My poor pink kissing gourami Franki is not getting better....
I have been doing water changes in the 10gal every second day, about 30% each time. I treated with Maracyn for a 5 day period and even though he got better on the 4th and 5th day, he went right back to where he started from on the days after that and still no bounce back improvement....
His tank is all cloudy and has been for the past 48hours, since I did my last water change... Is it cycling again? It's been up since Nov,15th... Oh, I've treated his tank with salt as well and have been feeding him zucchini... He seems alright except for that bruise on his head and his eyes popping out....

Anyway, I think I am going to put him down today.. I have read about clove oil and I have some here at home. Any comments on this method? I am having a hard time deciding what is the most humane and painless way to put down my Frankie.....freezing? clove oil? ???

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Sorry to hear about your gourami. Such a tough decision. I haven't used clove oil but I've heard it is a preferred method. How long has he had the popeye?

In my experience with Maracyn it will affect your bacteria so it may have caused your tank to go into a mini cycle. You may want to check your parameters.

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Urg I don't really think its fair to put him down when he acts fine. Salt doesn't help for pop eye, so I would probably stop adding it. Have you checked your parameters? Did you ever find out why he has pop eye?

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