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phyco betta

I just bought my male betta about a week and a half ago. He lives alone in a one gallon bowl. I feed him everyday twice a day. A couple days ago I cleaned the bowl and ever since then he has become more active. Every once in a while he freaks out and swims very fast around the bowl (hes quick). Is this normal? I'm pretty sure he doesn't see his reflection.
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yeah, its normal. he may just be spazin out. every betta has its own personality. mine...when hes sees somethin movin, he doesnt flare but spreads his fins and slowly swims back and fourth.

be sure that hes not seeing his reflection (good exercise but too much is very stressful for him)

words of caution: he could be freaking out due to high acid levels and is attempting to scratch himself. is he purposely running into things?
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no he purposly does not run into things, but I did notice he hangs out at the top of the water alot.
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Hanging near the top of the tank is a sign of poor water quality. Also, are you familiar with the nitrogen cycle of a new fish tank? It sounds like your tank has not been cycled properly. Here's a very helpful article on cycling fish tanks:

Also, could you please post your tank water parameters? Parameters are the ammonia levels, nitrite, nitrate, pH etc. If you don't have a test kit you can buy one easily at your local fish store. It's cheapest if you buy it as a set, usually labeled "Master Test Kit". Also, test strips are extremely inaccurate, and therefore a useless waste of money. It's worth your while to purchase a liquid test kit instead.

Right now, try doing a 25% water change. Make sure the water you put back in the tank has been conditioned to remove any chlorine or heavy metals, or it will do more harm than good.
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It's awful hard to cycle a one gallon bowl. Just watch your water conditions. You'll need to do weekly 100% water changes, possibly more often. I'm sure someone with more experience will wander by and chime in. Always use a water conditioner.

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One of my bettas just go and lay out on java moss juut like it were sunbathing.
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Sorry, SST is right, you can't really cycle a 1 gallon tank. But it does still sound like you're having water quality problems. In a tank with no filter it's important to do regular water changes. I would recommend doing 25% 3-4 times a week, as it's less shock on the fish than a 100% water change. Also, do you have a heater for this fish? Bettas do best in 78-80 degree water, and
cooler water can make them extremely inactive. It's possible you added warmer water when you cleaned the tank, which made him more active for a while. That's really not a good solution though, as sudden changes in water temperature of more than 1-2 degrees can be extremely dangerous to a fish.
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