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This is a discussion on Parasites within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Hey all. Quick question(/s). Where I work (a LPS), I have been finding Tiger Barbs and Gold Rams floating upside-down, still alive. I usually ...

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Old 08-20-2007, 09:53 PM   #1

Hey all. Quick question(/s). Where I work (a LPS), I have been finding Tiger Barbs and Gold Rams floating upside-down, still alive. I usually isolate them to a bag, so that I can examine them in more detail. As I was looking at one closely, (actually, this one was a High Finned Ram--beautiful) I noticed a little black speck flew into my line-of-sight. I diagnosed him with, clearly, a parasite problem and aptly treated him (and the tank) with Aquari-Sol, a good anti-parasite/protozoan med.

Anyway, so now there are two tanks. (Peculiarly, the new one happened to be right below the previous one.) The old tank pretty much killed all of the H/F Rams, and the Barbs that once occupied it. We placed Gold Rams into the new tank on the 18th. They were perfectly happy, and fed easily. On the 19th, they began to die, showing similar symptoms of the old tank; floating upside down for a while, not being able to keep balance, etc. Today, all of the Barbs (different type than the previous tank) were dead, most of the Rams, and the Spiney Eels were "upside-down."

My question(/s): what type of parasite do you think may have caused such trauma, and: what's the best type of treatment?
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Hi Picklee.

Is this the one? You can bookmarked this for reference.:)


A) Ichthyophonus hoferi; large 10-250 micron spores which may germinate to form large hyphae.

B) This fungus infects all species of fish.

C) Clinically the fish are emaciated with small round occasionally ulcerated black granulomas in the skin. Scoliosis is occasionally observed. Internally numerous granulomas are observed in many visceral organs. Microscopically the lesion consists of granulomas with encysted large PAS-positive spores. Occasionally large irregular shaped hyphae are observed.

D) Transmission is unknown.
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