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This Butterfly Pleco? Butterfly Pleco - Dekeyseria Brachyura

Each said says it needs wood, and occasional meat matter. Have you been supplying him enough algea and wood latley?

It also sounds like the fish are just getting a fungus. What are your water parameters?
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sorry my bad its a trinidad, i was just reading about the butterfly plecos and my mind is all over the place with my fish problem. I stress as easy as they do. It seems to be mainly effecting their heads. What kind of treatment do you recomend?
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As stated some tetras especially neons are prone to disease named after them. This disease can be transmitted to other fish. You do not post exact water parameters so we cannot be certain as to what "pristine"means. We do not know how long all of these fish have been together so we cannot rule out new fish that may have been diseased from the outset. Were it my fish I would quarantine the affected fish or fishes to avoid possibly having to treat a whole tank full of fish rather than just the affected ones. A simple rubbermaid tub with sponge filter and heater could serve as a quarantine or hospital tank. you have chosen not to share the information asked for at the top of the section Freshwater Emergencies and Diseases It is difficult therefore to do little more than speculate as to what could be affecting your fish. I fear there are few willing to do that and those that would I would be suspect of.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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It happens too fast to even quarentine. One second there fine then gone. My ph is about 6.8 temp is 76.6. Amonia and Nitrite levels are fine. Im thinking the same thing now a fish that brought it in my tank. I acclamate my fish using drip method. It only effects my tetras not my hatchets or goast cats. Is that enough info?
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