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Oto with stomach wound?

I just noticed that one of my otos has a 'belly' fin missing and what appears to be a gash/wound to its stomach.
I dont know what could have caused it, they spend all their time with their stomachs against something so I dont think another fish could have done it and I've never seen any of the other fish having a go at them anyway.

Photo to follow, any help would be appreciated!
Thank you!
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Any sharp objects in the tank's bottom (wood, branches, rock, gravel etc)... If other fish aren't being aggressive, perhaps the lil guy became startled by outside movement, light change, etc, and darted over something. If he/she is exhibiting normal swim behavior, the injury doesn't look too serious (kinda hard to tell in the pic) and I wouldn't be too concerned... But if he/she appears lethargic or swims oddly, may want to look into a quarantined treatment (as like all organisms) fish are susceptible to disease/infection when seriously injured...

What other fish do u have in there? Also, what type of decorations are present?
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Ye sorry about the photo, took it with my phone and the bubbles kept stealing the focus! I will try and get a batter one.
The injury looks quite bad to me, one of his belly fins is gone and the wound/scrape looks bad too although it might just be the scales I cant see. The gravel in there could be a little sharp I guess, but none of the decorations could cause this. All our Otos like to sit on the heaters, would it be possible that the Oto fell asleep (I dont even know if they do sleep) on a cold heater then got 'stuck' to the heater when it turned on? sortof like if you touch something hot, burn and leave some skin behind?

Thank you!
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If you have the resource available, a small quarantine tank is ideal for wounded fish. It allows them to heal without the stressors assoc with other fish in the tank. It also allows u to add medication / antibiotics to only the fish in need. Additionally, u can also increase temp and/or lower the ph to a state conducive to healing without worry in regards to the other fish.

The injury could have come from countless sources. Most often fin tears and puncture wounds come from other aggressive fish or swimming against sharp objects - but that's not to say the heater isn't a possible source. It's not only large fish capable of producing injuries...smaller fish often fin nip (such as tiger barbs) if stressed out themselves. Not sure what else is in the tank...but try to identify the other fishes' behaviors and/or possible other problematic issues.

I've never used them, but have heard of tetracycline and chloromycetin used as antibiotics. I'd be very cautious however before using any medication -especially if no quarantine tank is available. Always best to do as much research as possible....

Has the otos' behavior changed????

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