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opaline gourami with mouth sore! please help

i recently got a new male opaline gourami, hes
eating fine and good with his other tank mates with
the exception of my female opaline who likes to
chase him around. but ive noticed a small red sore
on his mouth. Their currently in a 20 gallon planted
tank with a hob filter for the time being (will be
moved in the next couple weeks into a 46 bowfront)
and water tested great ( tested this morning ) Im
just kind of at a loss at what i should do for my little
man. i will try to get a photo up of him when i get
home from work today. any input would be great
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Keeping the water clean, and making sure his buddy doesn't chew on him, should do fine. It should heal by itself provided the stats stay stable and the water clean. If the other chews on him though, he's going to get stressed out and make things worse, she may even injure him. Clean water and a stress free environment are the best medicines. If it looks infected though, a light antibacterial safe for gourami's should be ok to give him a push in the right direction.

Are you sure your female is not another male? I have a male and a female and it's the opposite(They're three-spot gouramis, one blue and one gold) in a 55 gallon, the male nearly killed her. I thought, maybe I'm wrong and they're both males, but when I posted photos I got my confirmation, male and female. Make sure she's not a jerk. She may be feeling cramped in the smaller tank and be aggressive, or she could just be one of those jerkfish.

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my little man is doing fine. the redness is gone, but still looks a little puffy. my water tested : ph - 6.8, amm/no2 - 0, no3 - 5.0. i do weekly water changes and test before and after changing. im positive that i have one male and one female. my female has stopped chasing him around (shes quite a bit bigger than him so she was just showing him whos boss, she picks on everyone in the tank). he didnt have the sore while in quarantine, so he must have just bumped into a rock while getting chased.
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