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Odd behaviour

Hey guys, so this just started happening not 2 hours ago, but a majority of my fish, platys, neon tetras, german blues, and bolivian rams started hanging out at the top of my tank, at the very surface. I'm not too concerned about the platys, as they always like to stay near the top, but my rams (bolivians and german blues) and my tetras usually like to hang out near the bottom of the tank or mid level. Its quite odd too, as my bolivian rams are pointing their head at the surface. I don't have a bubbler or air line, but I do have a lot of plants and a good circulation going, and it doesn't seem like they're gasping for air. Is this normal behaviour, or should I be worried? My water tests out A oK, with 0 ammonia, nitrites, and 10-15 nitrate.
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Would say not normal behaviour. What is the temp of the tank just out of curiosity?

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The temp is at 78 degrees C. The one thing I changed today was adding a Y-splitter at the output on my 2 canister filters, so rather than 1 strong current, there are 2 weaker currents. The area of the tank where they're staying at is the area that doesn't have a current, so if its due to that then that's an easy fix. I'm more worried about the bolivian rams, as they are staying almost vertical at the surface, and they do it for an extended period of time, but then they just swim back down normally like nothing happened, but then go back up. Its odd behavior. Everything was normal just earlier today before I put in the Y splitters to lessen the strong current, but I expected that it would be better as its a slower current now.
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I should also add that the bolivian rams that are showing this odd behavior are all from the same fish store, which when bought were very healthy and showed no signs of sickness or disease; the fish store belongs to a friend, so his stock is very healthy.

When the bolivian rams do go back down, they right themselves and swim normally. My 4 older bolivian rams *which aren't bullying the smaller ones, they mainly fight between themselves* are completely normal.

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I also did switch food from hikari to tetra floating crisps, and comparing the protein, the tetra food had 46% crude protein vs the hikari 40%. The affected bolivian rams are now just floating vertically at the top of the tank, and don't seem to have much in terms of power or strength. I am worried that it could be malawi bloat, but I am unsure. If anyone has experience with this type of behavior, please help out :(
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