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No. Unfortunely air stones cannot be used with live plants. Angel can explain further as to why
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Originally Posted by 1stAquarium View Post
Lol, thank you Angel, any info on plants is appreciated as I say I have a lot to learn! Houseplants I'm good with, not aquatic plants though! I'll get some fertiliser soon.
Can I still use the air pump and stone for decorative purposes? It came today.
As Lisa said don't use the Air stone with the plant combo.
The problem is, amongst other things plants need CO2 to thrive, which they get from your fish. Now if you add a air stone and it bubbles "all nice" it bubbles all your CO2 right out of the tank. Also in planted tanks to achieve a balance for the O2 need of fish the CO2 needs of plants - these bubbles just toss all that right out of your tank.

I pers keep one as a back up if I needed to medicate, but otherwise you ain't gonna see no air stone in non my set ups.

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Okay I will take the remaining couple of plants out of my smaller tank and use it in that then.
I came home from work today to find another of my large female guppies dead :( I found one dead a couple of days ago as well. Neither had shown signs of ich, though they are in the tank with the ich breakout. Do you think this is why they died? I can't see any other reason why they might.
Also, my 30 litre now has ich too. Argh!! Probably because my male fighter had been in the original ich tank (in a breeding net) temporarily and I moved him over to the 30 litre with my neons, before I knew anything about the ich. I have treated that tank, and also my 64 litre for good measure!
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How's the ICH going? Mine's not going great. I started the treatment same day as you. Have done a 20% water change since, treated the new water too. Today I lost my last rummy nose. The other fish have one or two spots now too which is disappointing but I'm still hoping they'll survive it. I decided to add aquarium salt today as I've gotten desperate. The neons can tolerate low levels according to an article I read online (really hope that's true). I added less than half the recommended dose for a normal tank so we'll see if that speeds up things.
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I've lost 2 guppies but my other fish seem ok and the spots have gone. I hope your other fish are okay!
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Since losing the rummy nose I have had no more losses and hoping it stays that way! The fish still have some spots but they don't seem too bothered about them. I'm still treating the water but it doesn't seem to have helped at all! I'll keep up with it and will probably do so for at least a week after the spots go away (if that ever happens). Glad ur fish are doing ok!!
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Ich is a process. You will probably see spots on them for about 5 days if I remember correctly. Just be sure to continue treatement AFTER no more spots appear. Ich can ONLY be killed in the free-swimming stage. Dial up your temperature SLOWLY to about 82-83 desgrees if you haven't already done that. SLOWLY is the key.
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My treatment says treat on the 1st and 4th days then it says something about doing it again if you want? Is it advisable to dose again, and if so, when?
Also, going back to the issue of air pumps and live plants, would it be very detrimental to aquatic plants to just put the air pump and stone on occassionally? All I have in that tank is java moss.
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