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You'll probably want to do a 50% or 100% water change for the container the barbs are in now (using the water conditioner) so the waste doesn't build up there as well. Maybe do another 50% water change tomorrow in the big tank and see if that brings the levels down before putting the barbs back in.

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just got back from petsmart. they gave me a big bag of water that they squeezed out of their sponge filter. pretty murky water. I emptied the filter and put the water in the filter cavity to let it sit and soak for awhile before plugging it back in. hopefully it will help. thanks for the suggestion okiemavis. hopefully the rest will survive. Now that I have almost no fish in the tank should I put some hardy ones in to keep the cycle of ammonia going? I read zebra danios are tough enough. not sure if I want to risk more dead fish though. any thoughts?
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glad you got some squeezings from the LFS,
now maybe you have a chance,
you will need to kep checking your water readings,as your tank
will still be in the cycle.How are the other fish doing
there was a plec i think ? is it still alive ?
if you don't want to take them back,then you may as well
go for a fish cycle,and in that case some hardy fish like
danios will see you through,keep up with the water changes
as the toxins will effect them still.
or if you want to take back the remaining fish then you can
do a fishless cycle,and add pure amonia to represent
the waste.
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How are the plecs and the rtbss?

I wouldn't add anymore fish, what you have is plenty to cycle a 25g, though I doubt very much they would make it. adding more fish will only incease the waste levels making it even more toxic for the fish. If i were you i would return the fish and go ahead with a fishess cycle like Wilow suggested.
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pleco is losing color. rtbs seems to be doing just fine. swims around pretty well and seems carefree. looking for food all the time. seems to like the algae on the borrowed gravel. I have just 1 barb left. stressed out of his/her mind but still swimming straight. hope they all survive. ammonia is coming down and nitrite is coming up. almost at 0.5 now (nitrite). will keep you all posted. thanks for the help everyone
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