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For signs of NTD, bring a flashlight at night and observe the fish in the dark. If one neon is swimming restlessly while the rest are "asleep", then this could be a sign of NTD. It's just one of the signs of NTD.

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Thank you Lupin, I tried that and none of them seemed restless, a couple of them swam away but soon settled down again.

I cleaned the filter foam using water from the tank today, it's the first time I've done it and it was filthy! I also added a carbon pad to remove the fin rot med. Because I took about 15% water from the tank, I topped it up with clean water. That was a few hours ago now and all of my fish's breathing has slowed dramatically! Maybe it was the medication that caused it? I put in less than it said to though. Anyway, I'm glad that's over with but I've noticed the white spots on the fish are back now, even the one in the 10 gallon, he has the most (about 7). They only have a few each and it looks exactly like this:

Ever since I had my fish every now and then they would go up to a plant leaf (usually the dwarf anubias) and flip over quickly, rubbing their side against it. I didn't think much of it and now they're doing it more often, another sign of ich? I bought some white spot treatment in case that's what it is. It says the active ingredients per 100mls are: Formaldehyde 4,500mg and Malachite Green Oxalate 50mg.
Should I use this and is it safe for Tetras? How long should I wait for the carbon to get the other medication out of the water?

Any help appreciated, thank you.

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I suggest PMing bettababy and asking her about the meds as she would know quite a bit about it.

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Maracyn is just a US brand of Erythromycin. Unfortunately, I just researched for a very long time, and couldn't find a UK brand that carried that. Perhaps you will be more successful asking around your LFS, or it may be more controlled in the UK. Erythromycin treats for gram-positive infections, so if you can't find EM, try to find another gram-positive medication.
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I've just PMed bettababy, thanks Flashygrrl.

Thank you for researching for me okiemavis! I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to be treating for columnaris or white spot though?
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I just got the pm, and just finished reading through everything in this thread.

My opinion, it sounds like an ich outbreak, starting slowly but escalating quickly. The white spots, the scratching, the loss of color, the heavy breathing... all an indication of the parasite.

While the Formaldehyde in your meds is safe in lower dosages for neons, the malachite green is not. The preferred method of treatment for something like this would be a medication called Formalin, which is just Formaldehyde... but it is only going to be safe for neons at 1/2 the suggested dosage. (suggested dosage is 2 drops per gallon, you'll want to use 1 drop per gallon)
I would suggest treating the qt'd fish in the quarantine tank and waiting until everyone is well again before moving it back to the main tank. You'll also want to add an air stone to the main tank during treatment because Formaldehyde will use a fair amount of the oxygen in the water. I wouldn't worry about the 10 gallon with only 1 fish in it, but the main tank has quite a good size population.

Stress is your biggest issue. The stress of being moved, the stress of a new tank, the stress of 5 more coming into the tank after only about a wk...stress from medication that may or may not have been safe... Neons are prone to stress related illnesses, and ich is usually brought on by stress because stress weakens the immune system, which causes an inability to fight the parasite naturally.

Also, 78 - 80 is the temp I would be suggesting for keeping neons. If you get too cold, again you compromise the immune system.

Best of luck to you, and if you have other questions or concerns, please ask away. If you should notice any new symptoms, please post them asap.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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Thank you bettababy, that's really cleared up my confusion. :)
Excellent information and much appreciated, I'll get on it right away!
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Oxygen levels in your tank

Im not sure but as well as your fish having Ich (white spot) it also sounds like your oxygen levels are not sufficient in your tank which explains why the fish are gasping for air. When you did the water change this put oxygen in the tank with the new water, thats why they stopped gasping and not because you removed the medication...

Ways you can oxygenate the water:
Use an under-gravel bubble tube. This is a tube that bubbles can seap through thus putting oxgen in the water
Also, make sure your filter is positioned in a way that it ripples the surface of the water, this also put oxygen in

These are the easiest and best ways i have found
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