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Neon Tetra Disease.....But not?

Jan 6th I added two new neon tetra's to my 10 gallon tank that was already home to 1 neon a sword tail and a pleco. (I didn't quarantine)
About a week or two later I noticed the side of one of the new ones (The older 1 is bigger then the two new ones) had a large spot on him that was pink/fleshy colored. He appeared fine but I googled and read this was a sign of Neon Tetra disease. Not wanting to even risk it I removed him from the tank into a small 5 gallon non heated aquarium for him to die without harming the others. Week later the little guy is still kicking so I moved him to my other 10 gallon non heated tank housing my ryukin goldfish, so he would have room to swim and i could clean the tank much easier etc. (I had read goldfish cannot get it)
About a week or so after that i noticed the goldfish and tetra both had ick.(I clean my tanks every sunday but had gone away for 12 days so i think it may have been ammonia and older filters) I applied ick treatment, changed the filters and both appeared to recover fully but Tweak (my goldish) never really got back his..tweaky-ness and died (he had weird bright red spots on his stomach?)

Anyways. Mr neon tetra who i'm considering naming lucky is STILL alive and now has a whole 10 gallon tank to himself. He seems quite happy but he still has the weird patch and also his bright blue stripe has a kink in it now...Like maybe the spine is curved from the disease? He's not even in a heated tank and he seems quite happy.
I'd really love to throw him back with the other two so they can resume their own little school of fish....But I'm really worried hes a "typhoid mary" to other fish.

Any advice at all? Is this perhaps not neon tetra disease and something else? I'm really concerned.

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When you say change the filter, did you wash them in old tank water? or just rip them out and place in two new ones?

i'm not too sure about the disease part, but Neon Tetras should be kept in a school of 6 or more, anything less and they become frantic and feel out of their element. I could be wrong on this though, as for the diseases, I'd wait for someone who knows a little more about them!

I also think that goldfish need way more room than a 10G tank, certain types of goldfish can grow to be huge. Their amount of waste they produce alone is alot for a 10G pump to handle, they are messy fish. Some fancy gold fish can get quite large.

Anyone else have anything to say on this?
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I guess no one does :s. Yea sadly I went with what the girl at the pet store said on the goldfish and she said as long as he was the only one in their everything would be fine.
The boxes the filters came in said to rinse them ....And just me being me I rinsed them out... I don't know where they've been and who all has handled them so i usually at least rinse everything i put in my tanks. Wish someone knew more :S thanks for the reply!
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Where to start. First off if you have a tank that's not being used you should really quarantine your new fish. If one's sick quarantining him will protect your other fish.

NTD, I dunno. A picture(s) would tell us a lot. Your goldfish almost certainly got ich from your tetra. In fact since the other tetra is still in your main tank I'd be paying close attention to it as it could break out soon too. What type of filter do you have on your goldfish tank and did you remove all filter pads from it? It's possible the biofilter was disrupted and between rising ammonia levels and stress from the ich the goldfish didn't make it.

Right now I can't give any advice on "Lucky". A picture would be helpful. The only thing I can say is absolutely DO NOT add him back to your main tank. I'd keep a close watch on your other fish and give serious thought about a quarantine tank to prevent this from happening again.

I'm moving this thread down to the illnesses section where it will get the kind of exposure you are looking for.

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