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Neon still sick?

My school of glofish tetras got sick last month.

I put them in a quarantine and diagnosed them with fungus and I bought liquid fungus cure by API.

I misdiagnosed them but only realized afterwards they had a bacterial infection... columnaris I believe it's called.

I managed to nurse 1 back to the health, the other 5 died :(
His lips are still black ish but everything else about him seems to be okay, is he still sick or not? He is eating.

On another note, I left for a week for a school field trip and my 3 rams died in my dad's care. He's had fish for over 10 years, saltwater and freshwater and we have a 7 year old marine fish downstairs, he might actually be older. I find it strange since I had these 3 rams for over a month and they were completely fine and I leave for one week and they die. The other fish in my tank seem to be fine but my older molly died (had it for a couple of months). They def did not die of old age since they were only a month or so old. I am convinced that they missed me or something and died, sounds really stupid but they always were excited to see me, even if to be fed >.<

The only thing I can think of is I added some furcata rainbows before leaving and maybe they were too hyperactive or something? they don't bother any of my other fish they just swim frantically on the surface.
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how many rainbows did you add
did you test your water

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6, but one died so I have 5.

I did not test my water since 2 weeks ago at the store where everything was fine.
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