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So, last night out of desperation i did a 50% water change. Today i was able to purchase a " FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT". The foaming has stopped btw.

here are the water stats:

Ammonia----0 ppm

Nitrites----0 ppm

NItrates----10 ppm

so from what this test kit is telling me the water is in good shape.

my only other concern is that there is a good amount of green algea on the large rocks. The plecko seems to love this but is this healthy for the aquarium? Is this what is part of the " biological filter"?

also, Blue, when yousaid to cycle the water, were you refering to the product "cycle"? I noticed it in the lfs today.

thankyou all for your help.
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Green algae is fine. But the overgrowth is an indication of something wrong with your tank. Factors usually are excessive lighting, high nitrates and direct sunlight exposure.
When I mean "cycle", it's just a process of cycling to ensure you get zero ammonia and nitrites, and a good/safe level of nitrates. Your results showed that your tank seem to have cycled already.
I'm not familiar with that product you are referring.:)
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Glad to hear from Blue fthat he thinks the tank has cycled. I hope that Theodore and Slipshot are doing fine now and i suspect that you are now hooked on fish.

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Oh i am definately hooked. INfact i have a 20 gal waiting to be used as we speak. I am looking into getting a feather dragon or a dinosaur for this tank. both of these fish are beautiful in my opinion. i will let you all know how that goes as well. i may have a few questions about that set up as well being it will be a brand new tank set up. ie fresh everything.

talk to you all soon.


funny thing i noticed last night at feeding time. Splitshot was taking food (flakes) from the surface and depositing them in the corner, when i looked into the corner i found Theodore laying there eating what Splitshot had deposited. it cracked me up so i thought i would share.
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not sure if this pic will post but here is Splitshot:

if you want to see them larger here is the url:
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Originally Posted by DR._Seuss
not sure if this pic will post but here is Splitshot:

Common Name [info]Boesemani Rainbow[/info]
Scientific Name Melanotaenia boesemani
Family Melanotaeniidae
Origin Austrailia
Community Semi-Aggressive
Class Danio
Temperature 78ºF
Swimming Range Top-Middle
Adult Length 4-5 inches

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