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The Guppies were put in with the Tetras because we bought a Betta thinking it would be okay to keep them together. As it turns out the Guppies tails are similar to the Betta’s and he began attacking them in the quarantine tank. I had to move them quickly. My plan is to start another tank for the Guppies and similar species. I was thinking that the Ich may have started when I introduced the Guppies. They are very active fish. The pH seemed a little high for the Tetras so I thought that one or the other might have caused the problem. It was probably a combination of the two. I am going to leave the pH alone for now. I’ll do some research on lowering the pH without chemicals.
I installed an EHEIM 25W heater today and have begun raising the temperature. Thanks again!
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Originally Posted by Mikey1973 View Post
My Mollies got a bad case of Ick, I just doubled up the dosage on Prime and Stress Coat and it went away pretty fast.
While they have recovered, they are still infected. Ich can exist as a low level infestation, where the fish does not show spots. Eliminating the stressors can allow the fish's immune system to get the upper hand back, but that it far from being cured. When you bring a fish home from the store and it get's ich, it already had the parasite. The stress lowers the fish's immune system, giving the parasites the upper hand - that's why a fish can look healthy in the store, yet come down with ich at home.

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I performed a 50% water change and aggressive gravel cleaning the day I noticed the Ich. The next day it almost completely disappeared. I think their pale condition that day is definitely due to the pH swing. Today they have a little more color. I am not going to play with the pH for now. I would like to lower it in the future. The Guppies are both males by the way. All n all the fish seem pretty happy. None of them appear to be sluggish or over active. They come to the front of the tank when I’m there and their appetites seem to be excellent. I feed them once a day. I have been using fish flakes and dried blood worms. I am switching to frozen blood worms with an Omega-3 supplement. Thanks for the advice.
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Thanks for the tips especially the one on your quarantine tank.
I treat all new fish for ich with a heat treatment while they are in quarantine - I've done LOTS of heat treatments.
I am going to add a heater to mine quarantine tank. I have added a heater to the tank with the Tetras today and have begun raising the temperature.
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ich or no ich?

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