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I used salt only, successfully on my Otos. I think they are a dwarf catfish species, and a sensitive one are they not? Correspondingly, I have good reason to think CopperSafe meds killed one.

I've read many many cases of using salt with bottom feeders and softscaled fish, but almost all of them indicate pre-dissolving it. (And you can absolutely see the salt in the water, when you pour it in the tank so it's obviously still there in the water, not to mention, the only way to remove salt from a tank, is water changes. Clearly it continues to be there after dissolving.)

Almost all of them indicate adding it to the tank slowly. Basically over the period of a day or more. Usually adding predissolved to the tank, either by a drip line, or a few teaspoons at a time over the course of hours, they do ok. By the way, all of my Otos never seemed to notice the accidental overdose. Over 3 tsp/per gallon that accumulated over 2 days. (Sadly my first dwarf gourami couldn't handle it.)

Still searching for answers.
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Originally Posted by Julie
Originally Posted by Lupin
Originally Posted by MattD
Any benefits are lost if dissolved first then added.
No. It is still the same as adding the salt straight away without dissolving. Is this a question or a statement?
If scaless fish are present then it's important to dissolve it first otherwise it can burn the slim coat off the fish.
I like to use aquarium salt with hot water to clean things. It only takes about 30 seconds when it starts dissolving in the water to feel it burn MY skin.

Still searching for answers.
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Well, I bought about 3 weeks worth of meds for ich. I haven't used it yet, I'm still waiting to see if it breaks out in my main tank or if it gets worse on my Betta (some spots are gone now). If nothing else happens, then at least I have the meds for the future. :D

Tanks: 40 gal FW setup, 10 gal Reef tank.

Old BC8 setup:
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Disreguard my previous post.

Add the salt directly to the tank. I have seen this before and I did not know that it actually changed it chemically. Betta Baby explained it and it makes snese now. There is a chemical change depending on how much salt you add to the tank and how much water you dissolve it.

As for catfish, specific species that require soft water are the ones that are going to be effected most by salt the most. I don't know which ones but will try to find out. Do a google search on your catfish and see if they need soft water. Also, salt can cause damage if used too long with other catfish so treatment is ok but make sure to get the levels way down after treatment with water changes; which should be done anyway after chemical treatment.

I will try to get more specifics but for the time being, do your research to protect the species of fish you have. If they are ok in harder water then salt will be ok to use in your ich treatment. If you add salt, add it directly to the tank and just try not to get it on the fish.
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