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My Tank is Foaming

Been in this hobby for over 45 years and I've seen just about everything. But, this new to me. Before anyone asks, water tests are fine. I added tablet fertilizer in my planted tanks Tuesday morning. Early this morning (Wednesday) while feeding my fish their breakfast, I noticed a bubbly foam on top of the water. I am under the assumption that the fertilizer has something to do with the sudden appearance of the foam. Fish are doing fine, and not all of the tanks fertilized are "foaming". I have not check for phosphates as of yet. Too much fertilizer? Water too soft? A combination of both? Water in the three tanks is testing 6.8-7.0pH. Doesn't seem to be a real problem, yet, but could it be?
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More then likely its the phosphates. I would test that.
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From what I remember of high school chem, soft water+phosphates can equal foam. By all means test if it worries you, but unless it's like there's a head on your tank, I wouldn't worry (and phosphate tests cost a frickin' mint!)

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