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My Pelco is not doing to well please help

Hello first of i am runing a 25gallon fresh water setup. it has been running for 1 year and has no evident water quality isues. The resident of the tank are as follows. 2xmickey mouse platy, 2xgolden sunset palty, 12 Harlequin Rasbora. ando one juvinille Pelco. he is black about 4/5 inches long, i am asuming aprox 1 1/2 years old? There is a bio wheel 150. running. this setup is in the proces of beeing enlargeed. And has opereated verey well for 1 year. my pelco started acting funny about i week ago. loss of apetite, skitish. i preformed a battery of test no problems, reg water change. then i noticed a whitish fuzz on his lip. not sure what it could be. it is spreading every day. last night his fins 3 of them developed a case of fin rot. none of my other fish are affected. in any case i wanted to know if it was a water quality isue, diet or just a "Cold"/ virus/Diease? any help as per what i should do or think at this point would be greatly apreiciated.
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what where the results from your 'battery of tests'?

there's a storm a coming........
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nitrate, a spike of maby 10ppm then i preformed a water change like i usualy do. ph is a steady 7.6 i do not over feed and like i said the rest of the 16 fish are a OK. temp 77deg.
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I wouldn't class 10ppm of nitrate a spike, all tanks have some level of nitrates and when kept low (below 40 or so) it is safe for the fish. But that's besides the point.

The whitish fuzz on his lip could e the result of an injury. Is there anything in the tank that he could have tried to gnaw on that may have injured him? this fuzz can be the result of the wound becming infected.

finrot can be the result of bad parameters, or stress. If a fish is stressed due to another illness they are more likely to develop other illnesses, like finrot. are you sure it is finrot and not nipping? If it's finrot it will probably have a whitish egde, rather than a clean edge.
The lack of appetite can also be due to stress. Does he appear a lot thinner/ If the stomach is sunk in then it's time to really worry as this isnt just caused by a day or 2 of not eating.

What do you feed him? Be sure to offer a variety of vegetables in his diet. Courgette (zukkini) is a favoutite with mine, as was sweet potato (yams???). Alage wafers are good too on the ocassion that you don't have any fresh veg around.
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his fins were beeing niped i month ago, i removed the suspect fish and it has sinced seased. his fins were a little frayed and he was well on his way to recovery when this happened. so yes it dose look like finrot, but above the lip? his apetite has decreased, he was never a fat fish. He is fed
algie wafers and veg when avalible. none of my other fish are demonstrating similar/strange behavior. like i said before he dose have fin rot but is there a underliny problem or do i just treat for fin rot? is a whitish foam on his lip fin rot? any help would be great thanks. oh ya it first showed on his lip and his tail was a bent out of shape when he was resting. his tail is still a little crocked but he just has the stuff on his fins and his lips.
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Do you have a picture of the white fuzz on his lip?
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no i have no camera my phone craped out on me. but it covers 1/2 his upper lip, 3 milimeters high about 1 inc long. off white fuzz. it almost looks like ic to me. but i have never seen it spread on 1 fish this fast. one of my Platys (Golden Sunset) about 3 months ago had a bout of ic i warmed the tank to 82deg and added metaflex i think . my LFS sugested it to me and i cleaned up in about 3 days. but it reacked havock on my cycle. perhaps i could prepare him a temporary quarinine tank. i do not have one yet. but a temporary bath in this medication should help without destroying my cycle in the main tank. i just dont want to catch him then release him,causing more stress ect...any help is great thanks.,,how would you procede??
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The medication I would suggest would be Fungus Eliminator, and if there are live plants in the tank, do this in a quarantine tank. This medication can be quite harsh on live plants, but it shouldn't bother your biological cycle.

With your water params reading where they are, it would be quite easy to use the main tank to fill the quarantine tank, and call it a water change on the main tank at the same time. A filter shouldn't be needed for quarantine if you can do small daily water changes to relieve the waste levels, and an air stone added for circulation and aeration.

During treatment be sure to feed the pleco, as the quarantine will not have any natural food source for him to use while he's there. Good food is important to keep his immune system strong enough to fight the illness and recover during and after treatment.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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It could be Cotton-Wool Disease or Fish Fungus. My guess would be Cotton-Wool since that starts with tufts on the lips of fish. The treatment for cotton-wool is an antibacterial or phenoxyethanol if it is in the early stages. If it's infected his internal organs you'll have to use an antibiotic.

The Fish Fungus can be treated by bettababy's suggestion above.

Also, make sure you don't use a carbon-activated filter during treatment, otherwise you'll ruin the effectiveness of the medication.

Good luck!
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