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Hello Everyone,

I have a Pleco who I Have had since 2002 and it is starting to show what appears to be fatal signs. Since last week it has been stopping motionless in the aquarium and can stay there for hours. Is unresponsive to tappings which it normally isn't and everyone who has come to my house over the past week mistakes it for dead. I first discovered this problem last saturday when it was at the top of tank motionless and did not respond to any tappings at all. My family thought it was dead as soon but we put it in the things to get it out of the tank it moved. It has been hanging near the top of the tank more then ever before. It's physical shape doesn't look okay either, it's fins are frayed and one has a hole somehow, it's eyes look cloudy. It has not been eating any algae wafers or much algae at all lately. All the food I have given it just goes to the bottom of the tank and decomposes. Also when it sticks to the glass, it doesn't stick and slowly goes down and curls its bottom fin. It also sometimes starts breathing from the side of it's mouth.

Anyway If You Ever Have Dealt With This Before or Know What's Wrong,

Thank You
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Hello pleco123! Welcome to the forum!

I am afraid, I do not know what is wrong with your pleco.
What size is the tank? What are your reading for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and ph?
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Last I checked it was Ammonia
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Right, Ammonia, but what are the readings on it?
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