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Question My Fish Keep Dying. Some Appearance of Swim Bladder Disease. others not

About 6 weeks ago a former friend asked if she needed to check on my house while I was hospitalized. I said No. I was only going to be gone 4 or 5 days and my aqariums have auto feeders and everything was taken care of. I didn't know she had a key. When the taxi pulled up she was in my house...surprised because I was supposed to come home the next day. She had been at my house daily! She said my fish looked hungry and she didn't think they would eat any food that had fallen to the bottom. She fed them huge amounts (plus the auto feeder).

I had a 30 gallon that had been set up over 5 years and never had problems. I also have a 75 gallon that has fish that are 7+ years old.

My first problem was theged 30. I use an aquaclear 50 and a dounle sponge filter but the aquaclear was so clog no water was getting through and the motor burned up. I immediately did a 50% water changed and vacuumed forever. I used Stress cost snd Seachem conditioner, replaced the filter and cleaned everything. I continued monitoring and my fish kept dying (I have plants in there and I lost some. I keep my plants trimmed regularly. There's nothing new in either aquarium. The first to go were platies, mollies, loaches, white clouds. Eventually everything but some cories.

In the meantime I had done the same with the 75-gal. The filter was working (barely) so I replaced it with a 100 gallon Tetra Whisper (that's what I had before and I was trying not to change things. They also have a double sponge filter...they like it.) Within a few days the same thing started happening. A lot of the fish had the off balance appearance for several days before they died. I normally feed flake food, cucmbers and skinned peas and blood worms ever few days. I didn't feed blood worms for a while. I also use a pelletted veg food for the plecos. I have rainbow fish, gouramis, giant danios, cories, larger sailfin mollies, different skirts, pictus cats, plecos etc. The cats we're 3-5 yo. I have a pleco that's 7yo. The rest have been in there for years. I still have plecos, cories an an odd looking loach. The skirts are starting to swim more upright. My parameters are normal. I have lights on/off 12/12. No sunlight. Its like they pass this off balance thing.

I'm retired and both of these tanks have had regular care and the same fish, food, etc for years until this idiot showed up. An occasional dead fish (but not a new fish...I figured old age. The tanks are in the living room and bedroom and I spend a lot of time observing (used to) so I notice the minute anything seems odd. I'm sure I'm going to lose the rest of them (and I can't afford to replace them) but i'd like to know what they died from. I know it started with 5 days of massive overfeeding and probably lack of oxygen. My nitrates/nitrites were whacko but I got them under control pretty quickly (my back still hurts). I'm just so angry and hurt. I need to write her and let her know specifically what she did.

I also have PTSD (I did ermergency mgmt for disasters, weather, bombings, Oklahoma City) and someone being able to in my house w/o my knowledge has destroyed my sense of security (I changed the locks) its a psych thing. I'm working on things but my therapist says, "time, a lot of time." Plus losing pets I've had for years (they didn't die from natural causes they were killed. Some suffocated and I have nightmares about that. When I put them in an artificial environment I took the responsibility of providing for and protecting them. And I had someone (that I could trust stopping by to check for any malfunctions.
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sounds like they died from ammonia poisoning ur w/cs and salt dips can help rectify the situation.
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Originally Posted by MoneyMitch View Post
sounds like they died from ammonia poisoning ur w/cs and salt dips can help rectify the situation.
Thanks for your quick reply. Yes the ammonia levels were off the chart but I've been dchecking daily and doing frequent partial changes. I've kept aquaria for over 20 years but is my first post. I guess I've just been really lucky. A fish dies here or there but mostly my only problem has been letting them go if they outgrew the tank or if I had too many. These are my pets. Most eat out of my hand. I've done salt water baths many years ago but I don't know what they recommend now. And your other abbreviation (w/bc I think). Idk what that means...I'm over 60 and not very computer savvy. Please explain.

I feel so helpless and like I really let my fish down. I had an extra key in my dresser drawer, when I knew I was going to be gone I should have checked. But I told her no, and she can try to be controlling but I never dreamed this. I called the police but they couldnt /wouldn't do anything. She said I gave her the key. My landlady is wonderful and always checks when I'm away (only if I ask her). If somethings wrong she does nothing w/o calling me. (I once checked out AMA because of a sick cat. I went back when the vet and I had him taken care of...he was very ill.) These pets are all the family I have left. I put them in the aquarium where they couldn't fend for themselves. That makes me responsible.

I really appreciate that these sites are available. Years ago I would have been at the mercy of some drugstore clerk with 2 months experience selling fish. Thank you so much.

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