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what hapeens if it bubbles?
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Originally Posted by x2fast4everyone View Post
what hapeens if it bubbles?
is it bubbling? it might be ph flux now that you've mentioned that. <<< I previously posted that.
no selective reading!! =P

anyway, yes if it bubbles then you have a stone that will mess with your PH and buffer the water -- this will stress out the fish and have them die almost instantly(within a few hours to a couple of days)

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alright well all my catfish are as good as dead now =(. my rams are still doing fine and i have like 3 otos alive too. i took them outa the tank aswell and changed 3/4 of the tank water removed the rock. about how long until i can put the rams and otos back in?
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Given your water hardness I doubt the rock could of killed them.Unless a large amount of it was used, like using it as gravel. I have very similar ph and GH and have never had issues using clam shells, which actively bubble in vinegar. Most are a couple years old and are slowly dissolving. A few shells or calcium based rocks will not hurt a tank with a fairly neutral pH and medium-high buffering capabilities. If it did you would of seen a moderate pH increase in the tank.

Have you used any cleaners/chemicals near the tank? anything you think could of gotten in them?

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But i did add distilled water to it.
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