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Water Temp Question.........

I'm changing the water in my fish bowl this evening and the water in the old bowl was 72 degrees and now the new water I put in the bowl is reading 78 degrees, will this hurt my betta if I put her in the new water with it being a higher temp? I know that warmer water is supposed to be good for her since she is sick, but can I transfer her over without getting her used to it? She's not in the new bowl yet because I'm afraid I'll hurt her. She's in a small bowl that has her old water in it.
Also, I found a place that has methylene green, is that the same as methylene blue? Just wondering because they think they might carry the fungus eliminator too. I'm excited that I might have finally found it. I just want to make sure methylene green is the same as the medicine you're talking about called methylene blue.
In your last reply you told me to get a bucket to dose the meds into and to use that same bucket of water up to 4 days to change water out. Did I read that right? Will oxygen stay in the bucket that long with that medicine? Will I do a 100% water change everyday with that same bucket of water until the 4th day, then dump out what's left and re-dose the new water for the next four days, and then do it again for the last 2 days? If that's correct, then I should be getting a bucket that holds 8 gallons of water and dose it according to the bottle for the eliminator, and 1 drop per gallon for the methy. blue? Do I keep a lid on the bucket so it don't get dirty over the 4 days. Will it keep it's oxygen?? Thank you for answering my questions, you are very reassuring to me. I feel hopeful thanks to you :)
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I have nevr heard of a medication called methylene green... they maybe misunderstood it for malachite green, and no, they are nowhere near the same thing. Malachite green is not safe for a betta.

The bucket of medicated water should be dumped and replaced every other day, so it should be good for 2 water changes. A smaller bucket, usually 5 gallons is a good size to use, especially if you're getting the fungus eliminator because dosing instructions on the fungus eliminator are 1 tsp for every 5 gallons. Water changes should be done 100% every day for 10 days.
Covering the bucket is a good thing to keep dust/dirt out.

If changing her bowl temp that drastically, she should be acclimated to it. A plastic cup with a cover (cover should have a hole in it) can work well, otherwise use a small plastic baggie, roll down the top of it a few times so it floats. Put some of her old bowl water into the baggie with her, let her float for about 5 - 10 minutes, then put her into the bowl but dump out the water in the baggie.
Best of luck to you and your fish!

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
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The only thing I've ever heard of would be methelayne blue, which I do belive acts like a medication....
Anyone know what for?
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Methylene blue acts like a medication because it IS a medication. It is most commonly used to treat fungal infections, but also has an ingredient that can be helpful with bacterial infections as well.
Methylene blue by itself is not very potent, but when mixed with fungus eliminator (which treats for the same kinds of infections) then it can be extremely potent and safe at the same time.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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