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stocking... ah well.

Ok, so I went and got 4 more, so there are 7 now. They look SO much happier! I can always see all/most of them! I also got some flake, Omega one (recommended). I put in some flake (7 flakes) and a pellet. They don't seem to find the flake until it's falling. They attacked the pellet though.
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The cherry barbs don't top feed, sinking food is best as they will eat it as it falls or will pick it off the bottom. NLS make a very small sinking pellet that works well.

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I used to keep a lot of small community fish, and the 1 mm pellet size was good for all of them. They make a 0.5 mm as well, but I only used that for young small fish. Once they made it to the show tank they got 1 mm.

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Alright, they said they fed the flakes in store, but the tank was sooooo small they couldn't help but find it!
Next time I'm in I'll see if I can find small pellets.
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