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Unhappy my blackskirt has finrot =(

ok so once i noticed it a few weeks ago i started treating her with aquarium salt it helped the fins grow a bit but the rot was still progressing so i started treating her with melafix since i have finished the dosage instructions it has gone down a bit but still there so i did a full water change today and added a bit of aquarium salt and when i came back to the tank to watch her i noticed part of her fin turned red so i removed her from her 5 gal tank (eclipse 5 gal) and put her in a smaller tank alone with a little aquarium salt so doing daily waterchanges would be easeir and i could watch her better the tank temp is in the high 70s depending on room temp and her original tank is five gallons i usually change the water 50% on wednesdays 100% on saturdays and she only shares the tank with an orange and black platy they get along so well i actually think there in love lol so i ruled out any nipping i keep the smaller tank against her 5 gal so they could see eachother which they keep close to that corner in their seprate tanks its cute i thought it would be less stressful if she could see her buddy i use amquel conditioner the water is good i had it tested and api aquarium salt the tank is filtered but the filter isnt strong and there is no active carbon

my questions are should i give her another round of melafix or just use aquarium salt now or should i try a diferent medicine

my dad keeps telling me to just let it be from his experience with fin rot it usually ends in a funeral but i cant make myself give in i love my fish too mutch =(

i took a pic idk y for some reason she turns pale wen she's sleeping maybe cuz she's a lil old? shes going on 3 and a half now

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Posted in the wrong emergency section (should be in tropical) but I suggest treating her with an actual antibiotic as opposed ot melafix. Maracyn should do the trick.
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